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Now we use more and more copper doors in our life. In fact, no matter what kind of doors, we need to maintain them in daily use, so that their service life will be longer. In particular, copper doors are used by us in villas in most cases. Because copper doors themselves have a very luxurious feeling, it can be said to be a very perfect cooperation with villas. The following editor will introduce the maintenance methods and installation precautions of copper doors

copper door maintenance method

method 1. Self made elastic door stopper. The copper door at home often needs to be opened and closed. When the copper door is opened, it often directly collides with the wall. Over time, the lock box and handle on the door are easy to make marks on the wall, damaging the wall and the copper door and affecting the beauty

method 2. When removing the stains on the surface of the copper door (such as fingerprints), wipe it with a soft cloth. It is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. When the stain is too heavy, you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or special detergent for furniture. After decontamination, wipe it immediately. The edges and corners of the copper door should not be frequently rubbed, so as to avoid fading and damage of the decorative materials at the edges and corners

method 3. The most important thing to protect the copper door is to protect the paint on the door surface. Avoid collision with sharp and hard things. The paint on the surface of the copper door has a good protective effect on the internal material of the copper door. If the paint on the surface falls off, the electrolytic board inside will be exposed to the outside, react with the oxygen in the air, and rust, affecting the appearance

method 4. If the copper door has been installed during the decoration period, do not rush to remove the peritoneal paper. Because the cement, paint and other chemicals falling on the copper door when painting are easy to cause black spots and rust. And the peritoneum paper can't be on the copper door for a long time. It's easy to stick to the door after a long time, resulting in damage to the light paint on the outside of the door. Therefore, the peritoneum paper should be torn off within seven days

method 5. When daily maintaining the copper door, it is best to wipe it with a dry towel. Never use detergent that will damage the paint during cleaning to prevent the protective layer on the surface of the copper door from being damaged. When the copper door is opened and closed daily, do not use too much force, but open and close slowly, which can well prevent the copper door from colliding with other things and damaging the protective layer of the surface

method 6. If there are oil stains and other stains on the doors and windows, use neutral detergent to wash them off. Although copper doors are naturally anticorrosive, they are still prone to chemical changes when encountering a large amount of sulfur and sulfide. Therefore, it is necessary to remind you that the copper door should try to avoid rain and snow to prevent sulfide corrosion in precipitation

precautions for copper door installation

I. installation method

1. Measure whether the hole specifications are equal. If it is smaller than the specification of the copper door, the ash skin shall be removed

2. The copper door shall be leveled according to the position of the hole, and the four mounting holes of the door frame shall be drilled with M12 drill bit, and then adjusted after being fixed with M12 female bolt

3. Adjustment method: check whether the door frame is parallel to the door leaf with the reference plane outside the copper door leaf. If the door frame is not parallel to the door leaf, put a wooden pad on the back of the door frame near the screw to test the sting until the door leaf is parallel

II. Cement filling method

1. Because the copper door frame is hollow, in order to make the copper door more firm, cement must be filled in the hollow of the door frame. Close the door before filling cement. Please note that paper mats should be added between the door frame and the door leaf on the opening surface of the door leaf

2. Do not fill the cement too much, otherwise the door frame will be deformed and the use and opening of the door will be affected

3. After filling cement for 24 hours, remove the paper pad, gently open the door leaf, scrape the cement at the drilling part in the frame with a screwdriver, and cover the installation hole

4. If the box is not filled with cement, the color sound function will be used at your own risk

III. use the installation method of mounting piece

1. Remove the copper door leaf, put the door frame into the door opening, and check whether it is placed smoothly with a level ruler plumb. If it is not flat, use a wooden pad to level it

2. First, take the inner door side of the copper door as the reference edge, rotate the mounting plate on the reinforcing rib of the door frame to be perpendicular to the door frame, then bend the mounting plate and fix it on the wall with cement nails

3. Cover the inner door with the door frame and lock it. Under the condition of ensuring flatness, successively fix the side of the inner door lock on the wall

4. Use the same method to fix the upper frame of the outer door pocket and the installation piece

5. Check whether the switches of the inner and outer doors are flexible. If there is any abnormality, plug wood chips for further adjustment

6. Plug wood chips in the gap between the door frame and the wall to make the door frame more stable, then pour cement mortar into the door frame, solidify and dry the cement mortar, and take out the wood chips outside the door gap before using the function of the door, but try to reduce the number and strength of opening within 24 hours

editor's summary: here are the maintenance methods of copper doors and precautions for copper door installation. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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