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Owning a small study of our own is a very happy thing for friends who like to study. However, due to the limitation of space and area, we can't place too many huge bookshelves, which makes it difficult to fully meet the needs of book collectors. This requires us to think of ways to reasonably plan our small study. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network wants several small study design and decoration renderings. The highly creative storage space design not only makes the small study more beautiful, but also very practical, which is really great

the bright green study background wall brings a trace of freshness and comfort to the whole small space. Instead of using a thick cabinet design, the bookshelf design uses simple small boards to form a regular lattice, which is filled with the design of the whole wall, providing a powerful library space for the owner of the study. The storage cabinet with white thread surface meets the storage needs. In a small space, place a comfortable sofa and look at your favorite books casually, making reading a pleasure

the design of the bookshelf in the whole study does not have an overall cabinet design, but is suspended on the wall layer by layer, forming a unique modeling structure. The lattice space of different sizes can meet different needs. The powerful book collection function can fully meet the needs of book lovers. The irregular shape design makes the bookshelf more layered. The upper and lower closed lattice design can house some of its own private items, and the carving decoration next to it is also very tasteful

limited by space, in this study, the bookshelf is designed as a hanging cabinet, arched design, so that the small bookshelf will not appear so rigid, exquisite shape, and appear very cute. Although it is designed on it, it is still very convenient to access items by stepping on the green fresh small cushion. In the space below, a simple wooden desk is arranged, and the notebook is placed on it, which is simple and plain, yet fashionable and beautiful. It is set under the huge window to make the space brighter

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