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The designers in the team of ebari Inner Mongolia Dengkou store have received professional training, have a professional understanding of color matching, style positioning and construction site details, and use their majors to customize their dreamers for each guest

with the development of society, the majority of consumers pay more and more attention to the improvement of life taste. On the basis of practical furniture, more and more people pursue artistic value and aesthetic function, and whole house customization comes into being. As an upgraded version of finished furniture, whole house customization has a better pursuit in personality and style. At the same time, the requirements for designers of whole house customization have also increased. In the design process, we pay attention to in-depth communication with consumers, and can fully combine consumption habits and aesthetic standards to design products that fully meet consumers' personal style and life taste

every designer in the team of ebari Inner Mongolia Dengkou store has received professional training. They are highly professional in design, have a professional understanding of color matching, style positioning and construction site details, and use their majors to customize their dreamers for every guest

Li Bo, the manager of Dengkou store, graduated from art design and has been engaged in the decoration industry for 13 years. He is proficient in decoration before and after. He graduated from iberi business school in 18 years and won the championship. Li is always a good communicator. Once there was a customer who hesitated for four months. After comparing with many other brands in the industry, after repeated and careful communication between Li and his customers, he finally chose iberi

the customer said that he chose iberi because President Li always chose product recommendations according to his habits and preferences, rather than a swarm of random introductions. In addition to being reassured about the products, President Li's service attitude also made him satisfied

there are many similar examples, and perseverance is the key to the success of the Dengkou store team

in addition to President Li, there are many outstanding designers in Dengkou store. Chen Hui, the design director, has been engaged in design work for 10 years. She has comprehensive design skills, can skillfully use up to 7 kinds of design software, is familiar with the construction process and details, and has strong communication skills

designer Huang Xiaotong has been engaged in design for more than 5 years. He is an expert in customization of the whole house. His design skills are professional and comprehensive. He is friendly and humorous. He can communicate friendly with customers, understand their needs in communication, and design a satisfactory home for customers

designer assistant Li Dan, who loves art and soft clothing collocation, won the second prize in the designer training of Iberia business school in 2019 and graduated. He is kind, cheerful and good at communication

at the same time, because the Dengkou store team is dominated by designers, President Li will consciously cultivate the sales thinking of the team, face different customers, need different style effects, and can accurately recommend suitable products to customers. Everyone in the team is good at different skills, but they all have strong professional knowledge and enthusiastic service attitude

a drop of water will never dry up until it is put into the sea. A person can be most powerful only when he integrates himself with the collective cause. The team members of iberi Inner Mongolia Dengkou store are sure to play their biggest role in this team and make the team's combat effectiveness more and more powerful




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