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If you have long paid attention to the products of ulia soft bags, I believe you will know that the design inspiration of many of our products comes from famous cities in many European countries


is travel,

going out,

is the process of moving from place a to place B in space in order to achieve a certain purpose


is to go out for sightseeing, sightseeing and entertainment,

is to achieve these purposes

the combination of the two is tourism


travel focuses on travel.

tourism not only has the meaning of

"travel", but also has the meaning of sightseeing and entertainment


if you pay attention to Yulia's products for a long time,

I believe you will know that the design inspiration of many of our products,

comes from famous cities in many European countries.

designers have designed one classic product after another through understanding and research of these cities and regions,

has been welcomed and recognized by customers,

we use these products,

take you on a walk away trip

let's go~


Florence is a famous cultural city with a long history. It is not only the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, but also the birthplace of European culture

continues the artistic spirit of Contemporary Neo decorationism,

infuses new ideas of modern interior design,

combines exquisite modeling techniques,

reinterprets the emerging Home Furnishing Art

the rich and exotic color is bold and unrestrained but wise and elegant,

luxury and richness,

the perfect shape adds exquisite beauty to this bearing

Left Bank of seine

Seine River is a large river in northern France, with a total length of 776.6 kilometers. Paris is gradually developed on the Seine River City Island and its two banks. The Seine River plays a special role in the formation, development, water transportation, industry, life and even the scenery of Paris

European style decoration,

the ground color is mostly ivory white or light color,

the furniture is suitable for both depth and lightness,

and the full European flower pattern in this space,

with ivory backed leather,

brings us a rich and full feeling,

coupled with modern light luxury furniture and accessories,

makes the whole space full of fashion, lightness

and warm rhythm

meet Madrid

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain and the capital of the Madrid autonomous region. It is located in the middle of Spain, and it is also the business center and "headquarters economy" center of Spain. Madrid is also a tourism and cultural center in southern Europe, with rich historical and cultural relics, complete modern tourism facilities and developed service industry

the leather dado adopts the high-grade gray, which is known as the "color gentleman"

with the rich and bright black gold decorative cabinet,

the gray blue single chair with velvet texture,

the curtains,

the noble quality is revealed in the simplicity,

the dripping of the luxurious and elegant style is perfect

the romantic Aegean Sea

the Aegean Sea.It is a blue ocean in the eastern part of the Greek peninsula, Arriving at Crete in the south, it is part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is not only the cradle of Western European civilization, but also a symbol of romantic journey for tourists all over the world

the mysterious light blue attracts infinite reverie,

the high-end leather shows a secret and calm,

quiet and broad

with simple grid lines,

is like a fan windmill

the sun shines on the sea,


a breeze blows,

the fan wings of the windmill swing with the wind

a faint romantic flavor comes to mind...


the Alps are located in central and southern Europe, covering northern Italy, southeast France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, southern Germany and Slovenia. The scenery of the Alps is very charming. It is a world-famous scenic spot and tourist attraction. It is called "the palace of nature" and "the real landform exhibition hall" by the world. It is also a holy land for ice and snow sports and a paradise for explorers

using blue and white colors,

looks like the capped Alps stretching in the blue blue sky

the round design is full of vitality,

looks like the flying birds flying in the distance

shining brightly,

showing their honorary status

today's sharing is over here,

the meaning of life always needs to be felt in the details of life,

beautiful scenery needs to be immersive in order to truly appreciate its charm,

What about you


which product

impressed you most

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