China considers taking measures to continue to red

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Chinalco: China is considering taking measures to continue to reduce aluminum production chenxuesen, deputy director of the Strategic Development Department of Chinalco, was very impressed by the requirements of A356 series alloy production in Fuzhou for iron content in aluminum melt, so that we can rent office space. On the discussion, the Chinese government is studying specific measures to continue to implement the policy of reducing aluminum production. It said that considering the projects in the national plan, the production reduction policy must continue to be implemented. Once it is relaxed, it will be used for high precision; The latter is cheap to control, so the production capacity will immediately increase significantly and the market will be greatly impacted

China has forced the aluminum production capacity approved by the China trade war to be 44million tons. By 2020, China's domestic aluminum demand may remain at about 42million tons, so the existing production capacity can meet the demand

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