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CNR has become the core main force of the 2013 Spring Festival transportation by shouldering the heavy responsibilities. CNR has become the core main force of the 2013 Spring Festival transportation by shouldering the heavy responsibilities. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: during the 2013 Spring Festival transportation, CNR has provided the most diverse and numerous high-speed motor vehicles in China. Its 460 high-speed EMUs, such as CRH3, CRH5, crh380bl and crh380b, will mainly carry high-speed trains such as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Tianjin, Beijing Guangzhou, Shanghai Nanjing, Shanghai Hangzhou and Harbin Dalian

during the Spring Festival transportation in 2013, CNR provided the most diversified and numerous high-speed multiple units in China. The 460 CRH3, CRH5, crh380bl, crh380b high-speed EMUs manufactured by the company will mainly carry the lightweight body of Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Tianjin, Beijing Guangzhou and Shanghai Nanjing, which can extend the endurance mileage of on-board battery, Shanghai Hangzhou, Harbin Dalian and other high-speed trains. These trains can carry 260000 passengers at the same time

in terms of Passenger Locomotives ("locomotives"), CNR has provided 1000 harmonious type 3 passenger locomotives, which will tow ordinary passenger cars on domestic railway trunk lines to undertake the most arduous task of Spring Festival transportation. This traction task is more significant in areas where high-speed rail can not reach. The harmonious 3 passenger locomotives produced by CNR occupy 70% of the domestic harmonious passenger locomotives, and have always been the core traction force of China's spring and summer transportation. In addition, the harmonious 2B locomotive produced by CNR also undertakes the main trunk line passenger transport traction task, and also undertakes some temporary passenger traction

in terms of ordinary passenger cars, CNR has provided tens of thousands of ordinary passenger cars (commonly known as "red car", "blue car" and "green car"), covering almost every corner of China's railway. In 2012 alone, CNR built 1500 new 25g ordinary passenger cars. Relying on the traction of passenger locomotives, "red leather cars", "blue leather cars" and "green leather cars" have always been the main force of China's Spring Festival transportation; During the Spring Festival transportation this year, the unique combination of the two has been applied to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress. The "green car" has also taken on some temporary passenger carrying tasks

like the passenger transport situation that continues to rise during the Spring Festival transportation, the railway freight transportation also enters the peak period, especially for people's livelihood materials such as electric coal, fuel oil and grain. The 15.2 (CM) in the carton compressive strength formula plays an important basic role in ensuring the length of the sample when determining the base paper's annular compressive strength. During the several large-scale cooling days before the Spring Festival transportation, the demand for heating and electricity in most parts of the country continued to rise, making the transportation of important materials the top priority of the Spring Festival transportation. There are six high-power electric locomotives in the two series of harmony 2 and harmony 3 developed by CNR. At this time, it shows its outstanding advantages of strong horsepower and reliable performance. Compared with the traditional DC electric locomotives with the same number, the traction power of CNR harmonious high-power AC electric locomotives increased by 30%, which means that each locomotive can pull nearly one-third more goods, truly realizing the "multi pull fast running", which also creates conditions for the railway trunk line to improve freight efficiency and realize "reducing goods and increasing passengers" in train number arrangement. During the Spring Festival transportation, more than 3000 harmonious high-power freight locomotives with the nameplate of "CNR" were put into operation to fully ensure the efficiency of freight traction

this can reduce the scrap rate and achieve real returns. It is matched with the strong horsepower of locomotives. In addition, tens of thousands of C80 railway gondolas developed and produced by CNR are responsible for carrying goods during the spring transportation. This kind of truck is famous for its strong load capacity. Each truck can carry up to 80 tons of goods. Taking Daqin Railway as an example, every time a special C80 gondola train with a formation of 20000 tons is opened, its loading capacity is equivalent to the transportation capacity of more than 200 heavy trucks, but its energy consumption is much lower than that of automobiles, reflecting the transportation concept of railway energy conservation and environmental protection

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