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Taking on the important task of upgrading the world chemical fiber industry -- duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, talked about the 17th China International Chemical fiber conference, which will be held in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province on September 1. The 17th China International Chemical fiber conference has become the focus of the industry. In the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, the chemical fiber industry, which has experienced rapid development for more than ten years, is facing a very severe situation, and too many uncertain factors are in front of the industry

how to view the current complex and changing industry situation? This sentence has become a resonance in the industry. How can we accurately grasp the development ideas of the industry during the 12th Five Year Plan? What are the highlights of this session different from the past? On the eve of the meeting, he made an exclusive interview with duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, on relevant issues

: since this year, the industry operation environment has been very complex. Compared with last year, what is the background of this conference

duanxiaoping: compared with the past, the most special background of this conference is that it coincides with the opening year of the 12th Five Year Plan. At this historical moment, the world chemical fiber pattern is being further adjusted. At present, the average annual growth rate of global chemical fiber output is about 3%, and shows a further downward trend. China's chemical fiber industry maintained an average annual growth rate of 13% during the 11th Five Year Plan period. In 2010, China's chemical fiber output accounted for more than 60% of the global total. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the chemical fiber industry plans to adjust the average annual growth rate to about 6%, but this does not affect the increasingly important position of China's chemical fiber industry in the world chemical fiber pattern

at present, China's economy is in the stage of deep transformation. China's per capita GDP includes plastic leaf springs, plastic work stable transmission shafts, plastic tie rods, etc; DP has reached more than 4000 US dollars and has entered the threshold of medium developed countries. With the increasing improvement of living standards, domestic demand will maintain a strong growth, and the middle class will become the mainstream of domestic consumption. This group has a stronger demand for high-end and personalized products. The chemical fiber industry must provide important raw material support for medium and high-end textiles to meet this demand

compared with last year, the industry operating environment has changed a lot this year. Only from the analysis of operation data, the chemical fiber industry operated well in the first half of the year, but the situation in the second half of the year was worrying, especially the demand was difficult to grow effectively. Since April this year, the growth rate of the industry has slowed down month by month. According to the current basic judgment, the industry situation in the second half of the year is relatively severe, and the overall level of this year is likely to be lower than that of last year. In addition, the problem of power shortage has intensified, land supply is tight, and pollutant emission indicators in some regions have been exhausted... Various phenomena show that the industry is facing unprecedented pressure on resources, environment, energy conservation and emission reduction

under the background of these special nodes and the industry that makes them generate initial friction on the clamping surface, this session should not only clarify the development direction and objectives of the chemical fiber industry during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, guide enterprises to embark on the correct path of transformation and upgrading, but also analyze the current market situation to help the industry grasp the situation

: how can the discussion on the development direction and practical problems of the industry be embodied in the conference

duanxiaoping: in order to help enterprises analyze the market and grasp the situation, this Congress has set up a sub Forum on "market outlook and development", and domestic and foreign research, consulting institutions and enterprises will discuss hot issues such as cotton and crude oil; According to the development direction of the industry, the conference set up forums such as "high simulation fibers and fabrics", "high-tech fibers and advanced composites", "industrial silk and industrial textiles", "recycled fibers and circular economy". These forums contain the "12th Five Year Plan" topics, such as the functional differentiation of conventional chemical fiber products, the development of high-tech fibers, increasing the proportion of industrial fibers, and improving the level of resource recovery and reuse, which will be further elaborated and interpreted respectively

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