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China has donated a batch of meteorological instruments to Pakistan Ambassador Luo Zhaohui introduced the donated meteorological instruments to Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Pakistan, atar Ali

6, Luo Zhao, Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, 7 On behalf of the Chinese government, Hui donated a number of meteorological instruments to the Pakistan Meteorological Bureau. The donation ceremony was held at the Pakistan Meteorological Bureau in Islamabad on the same day. Attar Ali, Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Pakistan, ARIF Mahmoud, executive director of the Pakistan Meteorological Bureau, counsellor Yao Jing, counsellor Zhou Zhencheng, and other officials of the two countries were present at the donation ceremony. According to the results of each test, they were able to obtain the tensile value of each tensile stage. Counsellor Zhao Qiaoqiao and other officials of the two countries attended the donation ceremony

ARIF Mahmoud said at the ceremony that Pakistan and China have extensive cooperation in the fields of meteorological science and technology and earthquake research. The Pakistani government and people thank the Chinese government and people for their help and support after the occurrence of previous disasters in Pakistan. During former President Musharraf's visit to China in February2006, the Pakistan Meteorological Administration signed memorandums of understanding with the China Meteorological Administration and the China Seismological Bureau to strengthen cooperation. The two countries' experts and scholars in the field of meteorological science and technology and earthquake research have formed a mechanism of mutual visits and exchanges, which has effectively promoted the cooperation between the two countries in this field. The Pakistan meteorological administration looks forward to further strengthening bilateral cooperation with China in meteorological science and technology and earthquake

attar Ali said that China Pakistan friendship is "higher than mountains and deeper than the sea". The two countries have extensive cooperation in the fields of economy, national defense, science and technology, meteorology and so on. When Pakistan encounters difficulties, China is always the first to lend a helping hand to help Pakistan overcome natural disasters. Attar thanked China for sharing advanced meteorological technology and equipment with Pakistan, believing that this will help Pakistan enhance its ability to protect people's lives and property

Ambassador Luozhaohui said that in recent years, both China and Pakistan have experienced several serious natural disasters, which have brought huge losses of life and property to the people. Both countries lend a timely hand to each other in the event of natural disasters. The mutual assistance of the two peoples in times of disaster has further proved the deep-rooted friendship between China and Pakistan. The donation of this batch of equipment to Pakistan is to implement the contents of the memorandum of understanding signed by President Zardari during his recent visit to China. Luozhaohui said that China and Pakistan share common experiences in the face of natural disasters, so it is more necessary to share advanced science, technology and experience in fighting disasters with each other, and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between scholars of the two countries in the field of meteorology, so as to push China Pakistan Relations to a new height

the meteorological equipment donated by the Chinese government this time includes radiation ammeter, wind direction anemometer, rain gauge, empty box barometer and bimetal thermometer. Counselor Zhou Zhencheng and ARIF Mahmoud signed the handover documents on behalf of their respective governments

ARIF Mahmoud (left), executive director of the Pakistan Meteorological Administration; attar Ali, Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Pakistan, took the high-pressure hydraulic source as the power source (middle) and Luozhaohui, Chinese ambassador to Pakistan (right), attended the donation ceremony

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