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In April, 1997, there are four options in the test paper basic knowledge and FOXBASE language programming

I. multiple choice questions (1-40 points for each small question, 41-50 points for each small question, a total of 60 points)

test99 the following questions a), b), c), d). Only one option is correct. Please blacken the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet. Answer no score on the test paper

(1) the following devices that can only be used as input devices are

test99a) disk drive b) memory of mouse c) memory d) display

(2) the following DOS combined control keys, The standard output can be sent to the screen and printer at the same time is

test99a) ctrl+break b) ctrl+p C) ctrl+c d) ctrl+h

(3) the commonly mentioned 386 machine is

test99a) 8-bit machine B) 16 bit machine, which can help OEMs meet the in car air quality (viaq) standard C) 32-bit machine D) 64 bit machine

(4) binary conversion to hexadecimal number is

test99a) 64 b) 63 C) 100 d) 144

(5) The hexadecimal number 100 is converted into a decimal number, which is

test99a) 1024 b) 512 C) 256 d) 128

(6) the plastic tensile testing machine adopts the motor-1 integrated design, which is mainly composed of force measuring sensors, transmitters, microprocessors, load driving mechanisms, computers and color inkjet printers. For 5, 25 inch floppy disks with important data, The method to prevent computer virus infection is

test99a) don't put it with the floppy disk with virus B) stick adhesive tape on the write protection port c) keep the floppy disk clean d) format the floppy disk regularly

(7) when starting the DOS system, the files that must be included in the root directory of the boot disk are

test99a) b) C) d)

(8) after the DOS system starts, In the following files, c) d)

test99a) b)

(9) in the following names, c) con d) att s

which cannot be used as DOS disk file names (10) in the following commands, c) dir d) diskcomp

which belongs to internal commands, c) dir d) diskcomp

in the following file names, can be associated with ABC? The match is

test99a) ab12 C B) r c) t d) abcd C

(12) to list the list of all files with the third character "B" in the current directory of the current disk, the available commands are

test99a) dir * * b ** B)DIR ?? B *.? C) dir?? B.* D)DIR ?? B *.*

(13) set the current disk as disk C, and there are two subdirectories D1 and D2 under its root directory, and the current directory is D1. To enter the subdirectory D2, the command you can use is

test99a) CD D2 b) CD d2 C) CD d2 d) CD d1d2

(14) set the previous disk as disk C, and the current directory of disk a is the root directory. In order to delete the directory of disk a ws, the extension is For all txt files, the available commands are

test99a) del ws* TXT B)DELWS*. Txt C) del a:ws TXT D)DEL A:WS*. Txt

(15) set the disk as the C disk, and the current directory of the C disk is aaabbbabx. the following commands that can be correctly executed are

test99a) mdaaabbba b) C) md d) mdaaabbbabx

(16) in the two commands in the following groups, according to the given conditions, the execution effects are equivalent to each other are

test99a) deldos and rd\dos)

test99b) format a: and del a:** (disk a is the startup disk)

test99c) DiskCopy a: b: and copy a:** B: (disk a is the startup disk)

test99d) copy F1 F2 and type F1 F2 (there is a file F1 under the current directory of the current disk)

(17) in order to format a 360kb startup disk in a 1.2MB high-density drive a, the available commands are

test99a) format a: b) format a:/s/1 C) format a:/s/4 D bio based aromatic hydrocarbon synthesis technology expansion configuration is difficult) format a:/s

(18) output the current directory of the current disk on the printer.The extension is For all file contents of TXT, the correct command is

test99a) copy * TXT PRN B)COPY *. Txt PRN C) type * TXT PRN D)TYPE *. Txt PRN

(19) set the directory structure of disk B as follows:

test99b: root directory ----- F1 subdirectory ----- F11 subdirectory - t


test99--f2 subdirectory ----- F21 subdirectory s


test99--f3 subdirectory -f22 subdirectory set the current directory of disk B as f2, and copy the file s under the current directory of disk a to the F3 subdirectory of B, The available commands are (20) of

test99a) copy s b: b) coppy a:s b: C) copy a:s b:f3 d) copy a:s b:f3

set the current disk as disk A. to connect the two files t in the current directory of disk B with T and store them in the current directory of disk a with the file name T, The available commands are

test99a) copy t+t a:t

test99b) copy b:t+t a:t

test99c) copy b:t+b:t t t

test99d) copy b:t+b:t t

(21) the main executive file of FOXBASE database management system is

.A database file has 10 records, which are tested with function EOF () T. At this time, the current record number is

test99a) 10 b) 11 C) 0 d) 1

(23) has the following FOXBASE program

test99set talk off



test99do while n m




test99do 99? M

test99return run this program and the displayed m value is

test99a) 0 b) 10 C) 100 d) 99

(24) if the previous database file has three comment type fields, the corresponding comment file has

test99a) 3 b) 2 c) 1 D) 10

(25) in FOXBASE, the memory variables can be character type (c), numeric type (n), date type (d) Logical (L) and

test99a) remarks (m) b) global (PUB) C) local (PRI) d) screen (s)

(26) in FOXBASE database management system, the extension of memory variable file is

test99a) TXT b) DBT C) DBF d) mem

(27) in the following FOXBASE expression, the result is always the

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