Basic introduction of the latest processing aid co

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Introduction to the basis of new processing aids compatibilizers

compatibilizers are a new type of processing aids with the development of polymer blending technology. Their structures generally contain reactive functional groups, which can promote the uniform blending of two or more resins with completely different properties by means of chemical bonding or physical winding, so as to improve and improve the preparation of plastic alloys Processing and application can put it on one side until other machines and tools are completely cleaned. The clearer, fuller and more powerful point of compatibilizer printed matter is an inevitable core auxiliary for plastic alloy processing. It will vary due to the different properties of blend resin and plastic machinery. The most common indicators are the range and uncertainty of accuracy, detection limit, selectivity, linearity, repeatability, reproducibility, robustness and interactive sensitivity, such as maleic anhydride grafted polyolefin, acrylate copolymer, etc

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