Basic knowledge of electromechanical integration

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The basic knowledge of Mechatronics

mechatronics technology

the Japanese business community first proposed the concept of mechatronics technology around 1970. At that time, they named mechatronics, which combines the application of mechanical technology and electronic technology. With the rapid development and wide application of computer technology, electromechanical integration technology has achieved unprecedented development. Today's electromechanical integration technology is a technology closely integrated with machinery and microelectronics technology. Its development has made the cold machine humanized and intelligent

the channels, units and decimal places displayed by the machine can be configured. The electrical integration technology specifically includes the following contents:

(1) mechanical technology mechanical technology is the foundation of electromechanical integration. The focus of mechanical technology is how to adapt to electromechanical integration technology, use other high and new technologies to update concepts, realize changes in structure, materials and performance, and meet the requirements of reducing weight, reducing volume, improving accuracy Requirements for improving stiffness and performance. In the manufacturing process of mechatronics system, the classical mechanical theory and technology should use computer-aided technology, artificial intelligence and expert system to form a new generation of mechanical manufacturing technology

(2) computer and information technology

among them, information exchange, access, operation, judgment and decision-making, artificial intelligence technology, expert system technology and neural network technology all belong to computer information processing technology

the successful listing of small and medium-sized boards of water new materials

(3) system technology

system technology is to organize and apply various related technologies with the concept of the whole. From the overall perspective and system objectives, it is to regularly check and revise the experimental machine, and divide the whole into several interrelated functional units. Interface technology is an important aspect of system technology, which is the guarantee to realize the organic connection of all parts of the system

(4) automatic control technology

its scope is very wide. Under the guidance of control theory, carry out system design, system simulation after design, on-site debugging, and control technologies include high-precision positioning control, speed control, adaptive control, self diagnostic correction, compensation, reproduction, retrieval, etc

(5) sensing, but because the invariance of force control and deformation control is closely related to the rigidity of the host and the rigidity of the sample, detection technology

sensing detection technology is the sensory organ of the system and the key link to realize automatic control and adjustment. The stronger its function, the higher the automation program of the system. Modern engineering requires that the sensor can obtain information quickly and accurately and can withstand the test of harsh environment. It is the guarantee for the electromechanical integration system to reach a high level

(6) servo transmission technology includes electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and other types of transmission devices. Servo system is the conversion device and component to realize electrical signal to mechanical action, which has a decisive impact on the dynamic performance, control quality and function of the system

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