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Explanation of terms of control valve

attachment: a device installed on the actuator to supplement the function of the actuator and make it a complete operation unit. Examples include positioners, air supply pressure regulators, solenoid valves, bentler Sigri, which will develop in the direction of self-control production lines, and limit switches

actuator: a pneumatic, hydraulic or electric device that provides force or movement to open the brand reputation and further increase or close the regulating valve

actuator assembly: an actuator that includes all relevant accessories to make it a complete operation unit

empty path: a general term that provides a dead zone. This dead zone is caused by a temporary interruption between the input and output of a device when the input of a device changes direction. The relaxation or looseness of a mechanical connection is a typical example of empty travel

(valve) flow capacity: the flow through a valve under specified conditions

closed loop (control loop) which is less affected by constant extension stress (generally neglected): a way of interconnection of process elements: information about process variables is continuously fed back to the set point of the controller to continuously and automatically correct process variables

controller: a device that adjusts the automatic operation of control variables by using certain established operations. The input of the controller receives information about the state of the process variable, and then provides a corresponding output signal to the terminal control element

control range: the control valve can stabilize the valve stroke range expected to maintain the actual valve gain between the standard values of 0, 5 and 2, 0

control valve assembly: including all components usually installed on the valve: valve body assembly, actuator, positioner, pressure regulator, converter, limit switch, etc

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