Exploration and practice of the teaching reform of

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Exploration and practice of teaching reform of "interchangeability and technical measurement"

"interchangeability and technical measurement" is an important basic compulsory course for mechanical and near mechanical majors. It plays a bridge role in the transition from basic courses to professional courses. It is the basis and tool for students to learn professional business transformation or upgrading courses in their own fields and engineering design

this course has many concepts, terms, and forms, involving a wide range of knowledge, and the content is boring. The concept of PVC plastic layer takes a quench image, which is difficult for beginners to understand and master, and brings certain difficulties to teaching. In recent years, the training mode of broad] path professionals has not only put forward new teaching requirements for this course, but also reduced the number of teaching hours. According to these phenomena and requirements, we have analyzed, studied and reformed the teaching of the course accordingly. The following is about the understanding of the teaching reform of this course from the two aspects of teaching content and teaching methods

1 grasp of the teaching content of the course

1.1 soil line with precision design as the course

the course system of interchangeability and technical measurement includes two parts: interchangeability of mechanical parts and technical measurement. The goal of its engineering application is to mark the ruler, tolerance and geometric tolerance reasonably on the machine, and the essence of reasonable marking is reasonable precision design. Therefore, precision design is the core content of this course

in the teaching process, we should change the traditional indoctrination teaching method that takes the thorough standard as the soil line in teaching, and focus on "precision design" to teach the concepts of interchangeability and technical measurement and the practical application of standards, so as to cultivate students to reasonably carry out precision design on the premise of fully understanding the interchangeability principle and national standards

practice has proved that only when students understand the soil line of this course can they actively participate in the teaching process, which is of great benefit to improve their comprehensive design ability and standard application ability

1.2 optimization of teaching content

with the development of the times, colleges and universities have gradually adopted the talent training mode of "broad] path and thick foundation". The formulation of the training plan of the broad] path specialty has increased the types of courses and reduced the teaching hours of some courses. At present, the class hours of the course of interchangeability and technical measurement, including experimental class hours, are mostly about 30 class hours. The contradiction between teaching content and teaching hours is more prominent

in order to obtain good teaching results in a limited class hour, in addition to improving teaching methods and teaching means, it is more important to optimize teaching content. Make sure that the soil is clear and the key points are prominent

the course "interchangeability and technical measurement" covers a wide range and contains many contents. The teaching focus should be on "limits and fits", "Er he tolerance" experimental machine host situation: horizontal structure, "surface roughness", and a brief introduction to the contents of "interchangeability of rolling bearings", "interchangeability of ordinary threads" and other chapters. When teaching, you should also pay attention to the content of the standard square mainly from the perspective of application, and its composition principle can be appropriately brief. With these foundations, other chapters can be briefly discussed. Students can be arranged to learn by themselves. Teachers can appropriately ask and answer questions to cultivate students' self-learning ability. There are many majors offering the course of interchangeability and technical measurement. Different majors have different training objectives. Therefore, we should change the teaching focus and choose the teaching content according to different teaching objects

2 reform of teaching methods

2.1 pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, and pay attention to the combination of theory and practice. It is necessary to adopt case teaching, and pay attention to the combination of theory and practice

the course of interchangeability and technical measurement involves many standards, many terms and definitions, and the content is boring, and it is a course with strong engineering practicality. Therefore, in the process of teaching, we should strengthen the inspiration and guidance for students, list the cases in production practice that students have some knowledge, such as reducer, white crane, automobile, machine tool, etc., give students enough room for thinking, stimulate students' interest in learning, cultivate and train creative thinking mode and engineering application ability, and achieve better teaching results

2.2 the combination of multimedia and blackboard writing makes full use of the regulatory role of traditional teaching methods. Multimedia technology has strong advantages and progressiveness, and has been widely used in the teaching of colleges and universities. It is very suitable to use it in the teaching of interchangeability and technical measurement. Some of the teaching content in the course is abstract and difficult to understand. It is difficult for teachers to express clearly and students to accept and understand it in the traditional way of blackboard writing and wall charts. However, with multimedia courseware and intuitive three-dimensional animation, students can easily understand these contents. For example, when teaching the difficult point of geometric tolerance, the use of intuitive three-dimensional animation makes teaching and learning much easier and the effect is very good

but in the long-term teaching process, the author found that the expected ideal teaching effect can not be achieved by using multimedia teaching alone. The main reasons are: when using multimedia teaching, the pace is faster, and sometimes students have no time to think; Painting is full of changes, which may also lead to unclear lines of the teaching content and no abrupt focus; Students are too late or even unwilling to take notes, hoping to copy the teacher's courseware; Playing multimedia for a long time is easy to cause students' visual and auditory fatigue, and the teaching effect is affected by

in traditional blackboard writing teaching, teachers teach while writing, which makes it easier to observe students' response to teaching and have good interaction with students. They can flexibly adjust the speed and methods of classroom teaching according to the degree of students' mastery. Students can better understand and accept the teaching content

therefore, in the teaching process, we should combine multimedia with blackboard writing, and make full use of the regulatory role of traditional teaching methods through the full implementation of the innovative development project

2.3 give full play to the role of network teaching

network teaching can be used as a supplement to classroom teaching and can make up for the defect of less course hours. The syllabus, teaching plans, exercises, course courseware, experimental guidance, bibliographies and other teaching materials are placed on the campus to create a network teaching platform for the course, providing a good after-school learning environment for students. Students can communicate and interact with teachers on the, and have received better teaching results

2.4 pay attention to practical links

has a good theoretical foundation, and it also needs to be digested and consolidated through corresponding practical links. The purpose of the teaching reform of interchangeability and technical measurement is to cultivate students' comprehensive design ability, and the improvement of comprehensive design ability must be exercised through practical application. Experimental class is an important part of teaching, which can deepen students' understanding. However, most of these experiments are confirmatory experiments, and there is less connection with precision design. Therefore, it is suggested to add a practical teaching link of precision design in this course. In the design process of mechanical products, it is generally necessary to analyze and calculate the motion, strength and stiffness, and geometric accuracy. It can be seen that the accuracy design is based on the design of motion and intensity. Therefore, adding a separate accuracy course design has a poor effect and is limited by class hours

from the perspective of students' training plan and class hour arrangement, the best plan is to combine the course design of mechanical parts with the content of geometric accuracy design as a comprehensive course design. Students can get complete training of design ability through this link

3 conclusion

under the new situation, it is incumbent on our teachers to actively reform the teaching content and methods. As long as the teaching content is scientifically and reasonably determined, effective teaching methods are selected, students' enthusiasm and enthusiasm for participation are fully mobilized in teaching, and students become the main body of the teaching process, the teaching effect and quality of the course will be improved

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