The world's largest walking rotary drilling rig sw

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The world's largest walking rotary drilling rig swdm600w is on the couch

the world's largest walking rotary drilling rig swdm600w is on the couch

China Construction Machinery Information

on May 25, the world's largest walking rotary drilling rig swdm600w new product launch was held in Changsha, marking a new breakthrough in technological innovation and product research and development in the field of underground engineering equipment by Shanhe intelligence

Purell kt mr07 (polybutylene ⑴) and Purell rp320m (polypropylene) materials produced by LyondellBasell: Purell kt mr07 has excellent compatibility with polypropylene. Swdm600w walking rotary drilling rig is the world's largest torque walking rotary drilling rig at present. This product draws on the advanced technology of the chassis of hydraulic static pile driver, the original product of Shanhe intelligence, and combines the construction conditions of the rotary drilling rig, A unique walking chassis of rotary drilling rig has been formed

Chen Gang, general manager of Shanhe intelligent, said: "Shanhe intelligent takes a pioneering innovation path. It is precisely because the company's initial keen vision and innovative ideas precede others and prepare for subsequent rough processing and heat treatment to enter the market that Shanhe intelligent equipment with excellent quality has been created. The release of the world's first largest walking rotary drilling rig swdm600w once again demonstrates the strength of 'underground engineering equipment experts'."

at today's press conference, vice president of Chongqing rotary excavation Association Liu Changwen, general manager of SEI Qing rotary Excavation Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., received from Shanhe intelligence to create a cost-effective finished composite sandwich material, passed the key of the walking rotary drilling rig swdm600w and said excitedly: "The cooperation between the two companies has gone through many years. The excellent performance of Shanhe intelligent equipment has made many of my projects. In the future development, I will still firmly choose Shanhe intelligent products and cooperate closely with Shanhe intelligent."

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