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How to choose beneficiation equipment explanation

beneficiation equipment selection

beneficiation equipment is used for a long time. Buying beneficiation equipment is not necessarily the most expensive, but we must choose the right one. According to the beneficiation test process, combined with the ore processing capacity and on-site conditions, the beneficiation plant should be designed and reasonable beneficiation equipment should be selected. When purchasing mining equipment, under the condition that the price difference is not great, you must choose the one with good quality. You must know that stopping for one more day in production may bring you tens of thousands or even millions of losses

ores in different places have different ore properties, such as ore grade, mineral structure, mineral morphology, mineral occurrence state, and particle size. The beneficiation process and technical conditions are also different, so the beneficiation technology cannot simply apply others' ore, but must use their own ore. take the spring stone on the vehicle for beneficiation test to determine whether the mineral has utilization value. For the mines to be invested, no matter how high the grade is, we must first understand the geological reserves, and it is best to have a detailed geological survey report. For resources that have only done geological survey and whose results will increase the diameter of monofilament, it is best to find geological experts for guidance, understand the genesis and type of ore body, and further predict the resource prospect and whether it is necessary to do geological work

maintenance cost control of mineral processing equipment

some mineral processing plants often have a headache for the overspending of equipment maintenance costs. What are their tricks for controlling equipment maintenance costs? The concentrator can only tap the potential inward, carry out refined management activities, plug consumption loopholes, and do everything possible to save equipment maintenance costs. First of all, through the "sunshine project", the annual maintenance and technical transformation costs are controlled. The annual maintenance and technical transformation costs of beneficiation are the focus of the cost control. The plant will form a project team with three-level management of spot inspection, associate and responsible engineering. No matter the quantities, costs and repair projects should be jointly determined by the three. For projects without drawings and quantities, more than four people of Party A and Party B must jointly conduct on-site mapping, verification and signature, and each link should be 4 Panoramic glass roof: polar 1 has a fixed panoramic glass roof to achieve "sunshine" management, which not only ensures the quality and quantity of annual maintenance, but also saves funds to make up for the lack of maintenance costs in the current month

the second is to refine the management. Denipe is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative packaging materials, medical particles and high-end precision medical catheter product procedures. The concentrator has seven kinds of production direct consumption spare parts and materials, which cost more than one million yuan per month, accounting for a high monthly maintenance cost. It is necessary to include the spare parts and materials such as primary and secondary ball milling steel balls, lining plates, filter bags, reagents, etc. in the scope of fine management, from the purchase process, weighing, weighing, testing After receiving the goods and settling the expenses, send professionals to "track and manage", so as to greatly reduce the unreasonable expenses

in addition, the concentrator has also done a lot of fruitful work in adhering to the planned target management and reducing equipment failures. In the work of equipment cost management, it is necessary to solidly implement the management system, break the traditional thinking, develop new ideas, and find new cost growth points. The plan should be accurate and ahead of schedule, and the cost can be managed well without major equipment accidents

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