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The global hard plastic packaging is expected to exceed US $110billion in five years.

according to the latest research report of Pira international, the global hard plastic packaging market reached US $84 billion in 2004 and is expected to further increase to US $115 billion by 2009

the United States accounted for 23% of the global sales of hard plastic packaging in 2004, and is the largest consumer of hard plastic packaging. It is expected that by 2009, the consumption of hard plastic packaging in the U.S. market will reach $22billion due to its adoption of an extruder prototype in 2020 and its electro-hydraulic servo control technology

in addition, the annual growth rate of the European rigid plastic packaging market in the next five years is estimated to be 3.7%, slightly faster than the growth rate of the entire packaging market. Among them, the fastest-growing market of rigid plastic packaging in Europe is the beverage market. In Europe, the beverage market consumed 1/4 of rigid plastic packaging in 2004, and its annual growth rate is expected to reach 5.7 in the next five years, helping the material testing machine to upgrade to the national standard requirements%. By 2009, it is estimated that 3million tons of hard plastic will be used for beverage packaging. At the same time, the European hard packaging market focuses on the health of consumers. It is expected that tracking technology and biodegradable packaging will be introduced to the market within two years

the report also pointed out that compared with the Western European and North American markets, the Asian market will account for 40% of the global growth in the next five years, of which China will account for 8% of the global growth

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