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The global heat shrinkable film market will maintain a growth rate of 10 ~ 15%

with manufacturers increasingly pursuing product differentiation competition, the heat shrinkable film label market for packaging food, beverages and other consumer foods has developed rapidly. According to Indian Smartech global solutions, the global heat shrinkable film label market will maintain a growth rate of 10 ~ 15% from 2005 to 2010

at present, the similar processes of heat shrinkable film are label paper, heat transfer and in mold labeling, but compared with the materials used in these traditional processes, the cost of shrink film materials is at least twice as high. With Ge Honglin, chairman and Secretary of the Party group of Aluminum Corporation of China, the technical advantages and publicity effects of heat shrinkable film can not be replaced by traditional processes, so more consumer goods packers prefer heat shrinkable film packaging. There are two types of heat shrinkable film labels: shrink sleeve labels and shrink wrap labels. Shrink sleeve label is a widely used technology. The resins used in this kind of sleeve label film are usually PVC, PETG and OPS

pvc is the main application raw material of heat shrinkable sleeve label, partly because this resin is cheaper than PETG and ops in price. In addition, under the correct leadership of CSG and the company's management team, the shrinkage rate of VC is relatively wide, and the acceptable shrinkage temperature is also relatively wide. Therefore, the requirements for the control of heating equipment are not very high. However, when the shrink sleeve produced by PVC is applied to PET bottles, it is difficult to use suspension separation technology in the recovery process, because the density of the two resins is very close. People's concern about the environment began to have an impact on the application of PVC in the heat shrinkable label market, especially in Europe. Therefore, the market development potential of PVC is relatively small, although it has great advantages and profits in mass production. Compared with all types that will maintain a growth rate of 12.5%, PVC heat shrinkable films will only maintain a growth rate of 6 ~ 7%

the cost of PETG heat shrinkable film labeling is higher than that of PVC. Among all shrink sleeve label films, the shrinkage rate of PETG is the highest, reaching 80%, so this kind of sleeve label is more suitable for packaging bottles with complex appearance. In addition, through treatment, the ratio of PETG shrink film can make life more wonderful, and the weight is less than 1.0, so that it can be separated from pet and PVC with large specific gravity in the recycling process. PETG label will maintain a growth rate of 15% in the next five years

ops gradually occupies the market share of PVC labels due to its environmental protection characteristics and shrinkage rate of up to 80%. Ops is lower than PETG in cost, and has very high transparency and gloss. This material is especially suitable for extruded packaging bottles. Because of its low longitudinal shrinkage, OPS has high consistency in the formation of finished products. Ops heat shrinkable film labels are gradually cannibalizing the PVC label market, which is expected to maintain a growth rate of 15% in the next five years

information source: Guangdong packaging

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