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The size of the global high-temperature coating market is expected to reach US $4.24 billion in 2020

the size of the global high-temperature coating market is expected to reach US $4.24 billion in 2020

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[China coating information] it is expected that the size of the high-temperature coating market will reach US $4.24 billion by 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 4.56%. In the past few years, high temperature resistant coatings have been growing at a relatively mild rate, and will continue to maintain for some time in the future. Power plants, chemical plants, oil and gas, metal processing, cookers, stoves and automobiles will promote the development of high-temperature coating industry

at present, the Asia Pacific region is the largest market for high temperature resistant coatings, with the highest compound annual growth rate. China, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China of China are expected to lead the development of the high temperature resistant coating market in the Asia Pacific region, of which China has the largest market share

in terms of sales volume, at present, the scale of Mexico's high-temperature coating market is relatively small, but it has increased the friction between the working cylinder and the piston and when the guide wheel on the side of the workbench moves along the pillar. It is expected to become the fastest-growing region in North America, with 3 national and 20 provincial regions. Strategically speaking, North America and the Asia Pacific region are the most attractive markets. The huge customer base and the transfer of production bases from North America and Europe to the Asia Pacific region have promoted the development of the Asia Pacific high temperature coating market

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