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Analysis of auxiliary die cutting tool forming system

die cutting plate laser cutting system is composed of laser processing head, computer aided design (CAD) software, computer numerical control device (CNC), workbench, etc. The laser processing head is composed of a focusing lens, a gas nozzle, a height sensor, etc. it is driven by a servo motor, and the height sensor controls the spatial position of the focus. Cut the figure through the relative motion between the workbench and the laser beam. When cutting, the procedures of bridging, bridging and border cutting should be prepared according to the process requirements to determine the best path of laser cutting of die-cutting plate. Computer numerical control device (CNC) adopts programmable logic control technology controlled by microprocessor. After the numerical control software generated by CAD is sent to CNC, it can control the laser cutting of plywood, including fault detection, servo drive and positioning, auxiliary gas pressure control, etc. The expert system can automatically select the best process parameters according to the type, performance, thickness and processing requirements of the plate (because of this, it will not be so easy to bend or embrittle, speed, pressure, etc.). The application of laser cutting die-cutting plate is not only fast, high precision, but also good repeatability, especially when cutting multi linked plate and repeatedly making die-cutting plate

die cutting tool forming system

in order to ensure the manufacturing accuracy of die-cutting plate, CAD software is used to automatically calculate the length of die-cutting tool and indentation tool and the size of bridging gap, and it is transmitted to the computer-controlled tool forming machine for slotting, corner cutting, bending and cutting. Due to the use of hydraulic machete, liquid crystal display, hydraulic transmission and vernier positioning, the accuracy of tool forming is effectively guaranteed

. Bottom mold (backing) cam system

when processing backing with computer-aided engraving instrument, the indentation groove width, cutting depth and accuracy should meet the requirements, and the engraving speed and depth should be adjustable. The application of CAM technology can not only shorten the manufacturing cycle, but also improve the manufacturing accuracy of cartons

. box type proofing

in order to verify the rationality of carton structure design, before formal mass production, a certain amount of carton samples are trial produced with multifunctional carton sample cam equipment, and then modified or redesigned after soliciting the opinions of users and consumers, so as to avoid unreasonable carton structure design and manufacturing after mass production; You can also check whether the design meets user requirements. The multi-function carton sample cam system is equipped with a combined cutter and press cutter. When the control part receives the execution instruction, the execution part automatically selects the indentation and cutting tools according to its paperboard type, and replaces the new belt according to the computer if the deformation is too large; Loosen the fixing screws of the motor to help design the structural data and program, automatically draw, indentation, cutting, and realize automatic tool change. Marpl0t multifunctional carton sample cam system developed by Marbach company has a maximum processing size of 1020mln 1420mln and a maximum speed of 40m/min. Kongsbergxxl40 series die-cutting machine launched by Barco graphics company is mainly for sample making and short version production of corrugated cartons and folding cartons, and its efficiency can be increased by 2596. The front end of the machine is equipped with PC machine, and the system adjustment adopts bar code technology, which can automatically correct errors when they occur

. Carton direct manufacturing technology

the boardeater folding paper launched by Germany's malbach company can become a consultative sales box laser processing system, which is known as a revolution in folding carton processing in Europe. This device applies C0. The laser beam directly processes the folding indentation line and cutting edge of the carton on the cardboard, with high speed and precision. It can process paperboard with a gram weight of less than 1500g/m2 and paperboard with b-corrugated to 3-layer corrugated thickness. Using this system to process a batch of cartons can greatly shorten the production cycle. Processing standard cartons in small and medium batches can also greatly reduce processing costs

. Die cutting processing technology

flat pressing die cutting

sheet fed flat pressing die cutting depends on the mechanical positioning of front gauge and side gauge, while the on-line flat pressing die cutting depends on the positioning of printing marks, and there is no paper tooth row

in order to realize the transformation of the intermittent movement of the continuous transfer of the paper from the rotary printing unit to the die cutting station, an adjustable eccentric mechanism is usually set in the paper feeding device. The on-line flattening die-cutting machine produced by Bobst company uses the adjusting unit and measuring roller to ensure the reliable feeding of paper; Die cutting printing registration and quality control system are adopted to avoid the instability of mechanical backlash; And it can automatically remove web joints and waste products

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