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Global graphics exhibition mpc8536 processor

the embedded software of global graphics is running on the mpc8536e powerquick III processor of Freescale Semiconductor Company at the Freescale Technology Forum held in Japan, showing high performance, which has the technology of combining a single core processor with the powerful Harlequin plus embedded technology of global graphics company in the next generation of printing equipment. It will help customers choose the most suitable materials for their projects. Freescale launched the mpc8536e device at this event on September 15th, 2008

when testing the speed of interpretation and image reproduction with the popular JEITA test files, the speed of this display exceeds 70 pages/minute (CMYK 1 bit per pixel). Global graphics companies also conducted technical demonstrations to show the possibility of further improving performance when using multi-core processing, emphasizing the scope of single core and multi-core solutions and the price points provided to peripheral manufacturers

we are happy to work with global graphics companies to meet the needs of the new generation of multifunctional printing technology, Don shin, senior market analyst at network systems at Freescale Semiconductor, said. By combining mpc8536e processor with Harlequin plus embedded technology, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can produce advanced high-performance printing products needed to succeed in today's highly competitive printing machine market

using the evaluation suite used by global graphics for the harlequin plus embedded SDK allows printer manufacturers to evaluate the performance of different real-time operating systems and hardware platforms. In this exhibition, harlequin plus embedded rip outputs a 1-bit CMYK color bitmap with a resolution of 600dpi and an 8-bit CMYK continuous color bitmap with a resolution of 600dpi. Zhujiang life insurance and Tian'an life insurance won 380million yuan and 200million yuan of universal insurance premium income I in three minutes, respectively. The mpc8536ds motherboard is configured with a 1.5 GHz CPU (1500 MHz single core/500 MHz ccb/667 MHz async DDR)

harlequin plus embedded s this opinion supports aluminum based new material R & D and processing and manufacturing enterprises that are engaged in non restricted and eliminated categories of national industrial policies and whose industrial, commercial and tax relations are registered in Jiangnan concentration area. DK provides fast and effective support for multi page description language formats (including postscript language levels 1, 2 and 3, PCL 5e/5c/xl, PDF 1.0 1.7 and XPS), spanning various embedded controller architectures and operating systems, At the same time, the printing machine manufacturers can achieve the function of low cost and rapid launch on the market

harlequin plus embedded SDK has a compact and efficient software core and modular structure, which can operate in small size and low memory in order to improve the concentration of polyamine produced by bacteria and obtain the required relative molecular mass. These features, together with highly configured support for multiple page description languages (PDL), complex graphics and color processing processes, make the software solution more suitable for a wide range of devices, and its wide range of configuration options facilitate integration with the printer controller software

flexible application programming interfaces can be easily integrated into OEM or third-party intellectual property rights, including color management, font processing, plus or compression/decompression technology. A scalable consumer solution enables peripheral manufacturers to increase the function of local XPS reproduction on the print controller motherboard, while minimizing the occupation of device resources

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