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Global industrial leader: cloud platform is the only way to survive and prosper under the new normal

aveva Jianwei software, a global leader in engineering and industry, points out that now industrial enterprises have turned to cloud technology, digital twins, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology, hoping to take advantage of the power of cutting-edge technology to remain invincible in today's struggling macroeconomic environment

aveva Jianwei software recently held a virtual symposium, chaired by Craig Resnick, vice president of consulting business of arc consulting group. At the meeting, a number of industry leaders gathered to discuss how industrial enterprises could send a letter to customers through technology-based innovation, saying that in March, all levels of PE would raise the price by 6 cents/pound to maintain business continuity, and further improve the supply chain and production planning. Through these efforts, enterprises can turn the crisis into opportunities and turn the current challenges into opportunities to improve productivity and profit margin, especially in improving the inefficiency of the supply chain and promoting sustainable development

aveva Jianwei software held a virtual symposium

the members of the discussion group are senior representatives of three famous energy companies, including the managers of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), wood PLC and DCP midstream, as well as Craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software. They emphasized that technology plays an irreplaceable role in real-time optimization, improving decision-making and building digital business operations, that is, realizing staff telecommuting through digital means can save a lot of costs for enterprises

the demand for cloud technology in the industrial environment is growing rapidly.

Craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software, emphasized in his opening speech that there are huge opportunities for digital transformation in the industrial field because of the insufficient penetration of digital technology in the industry in the past. He said: (1 on the right) Richard Northcote digital twins, artificial intelligence and cloud technology are improving global collaboration and accelerating the implementation of independent projects. In order to achieve digital flexibility and long-term sustainability, enterprises need to make full use of cloud technology, big data and edge functions to bring together an interconnected workforce. We are facing new pressures and opportunities, and the top priority is digitalization

craig Resnick, vice president of arc consulting business, said in his speech that 80% of arc's customers have begun to deploy cloud technology in their production and operation to improve the uptime and performance of assets. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, this number has increased sharply. Enterprises need to monitor and manage engineering business remotely, so they have adopted new tools such as augmented reality and virtual reality to gradually improve the remote experience and connect employees who are located on the scene, local to the enterprise and working at home. Digital twins in cloud computing is one of the dark horses in various transformation tools that enterprises tried or adopted during the epidemic, and its growth is rapid. Remote engineering design and construction and remote operation and maintenance are the main drivers of this growth

participants agreed that before the epidemic, enterprises may not recognize and support their investment in digital technology. 7. Some investments in experimental speed. For example, in the past, employees' interconnection ability may be considered dispensable, but now this phenomenon is changing. Dr. Alan E. Nelson, chief technology officer of ADNOC, said: those enterprises that did not take digitalization seriously before are now accelerating the pace of digitalization

Dr. Nelson also suggested that enterprises focus their technology strategies and investments on influential platforms, including new energy technologies, future manufacturing processes and materials. He further pointed out that we should not view technology strategies in isolation, but should work together with important global strategic partners to formulate strategies. The strategy must also support and encourage R & D departments to carry out large-scale innovation, which can greatly reduce the risks related to the commercialization of new technologies and help enterprises take the lead in the new epidemic situation

darren Martin, chief technology officer of wood, believes that digital twins is an important technical force that can help enterprises achieve accurate global remote operations, maintain and optimize assets. During the epidemic, enterprises have taken the interconnection of personnel and employees as a key measure to ensure their business flexibility and continuity. At the same time, artificial intelligence and automation are also promoting front-end design, so that people can focus on more complex development work with laminated glass gb/t9962 ⑴ 999. The outbreak of the epidemic has forced industrial enterprises to quickly turn to digital technology and take it as an essential basis for business. However, the sudden advance and acceleration of future plans requires enterprises to be ready and put into operation immediately. Almost overnight, the demand for more intelligent, faster and safer modular systems soared, because these systems can not only minimize scheduling delays and reduce operating costs, but also improve sustainability, prolong service life, improve the skills of existing professionals and make them competent for new positions

bill Johnson, vice president and chief transformation officer of DCP midstream group, commented that our DCP 2.0 strategy focuses on industry-leading innovation and digital transformation. The purpose is to achieve real-time optimization and decision-making, promote the digital transformation of business and employees, increase our cash flow, and reduce risks. Using real-time data from various sources, we can make the most strategic business decisions; Through automation to improve staff efficiency and establish a digital platform, we can improve the quality of life of employees and customer experience; With predictive analysis, we can improve asset maintenance. Therefore, we firmly believe that the future is good, and we can ensure that DCP midstream can respond quickly and maintain excellent competitiveness even in the most difficult environment

craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software, said in his concluding speech: the world will return to a new normal after the epidemic. I suggest industrial enterprises seize the opportunity to build more agile and flexible businesses, and make full use of the advantages brought by emerging technologies to maximize benefits. Enterprises that are still waiting for the future should clarify the reality of today and realize that the future has come to us. Our digital transformation investment today will ensure the continued success of future businesses

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