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UK: analysis of the market overview of Luodao printing technology

although the development speed is relatively slow, Luodao printing (W2P) still has a firm foothold in the UK market. Although many British printing houses have not introduced this technology, the competition from overseas has made online printing a very important part of the modern printing industry

Neil bather, the product manager of transeo media, said about the application of Web-based printing technology in overseas printing plants: an Irish printing plant has set up a station and a web-based printing system in the UK, but their printing location is located in Ireland, so they only need to ship the printed products back to the UK

in this case, British printing enterprises and printing buyers should also enter the printing field as soon as possible, and this technology is not the patent of large enterprises, and printing plants of any size can benefit from it

Steve Richardson, sales director of Optimus, said: while emerging enterprises are desperately seeking development with digital technology, some small printing plants have slowed down their pace of adopting advanced technology

effective tracking

the sealing ring or combined gasket should be replaced in time; According to the usage of the machine and actively expand its use field and the service life of the oil, it doesn't need you to have rich it skills to establish a network printing business. However, any printing factory carrying out online printing business should connect the system with its own workflow at one time. Only in this way can you track live parts more effectively. In addition, you also need to train customers to understand the operation of the printing system and show them the benefits of using this system (you can place an order at any time)

can make the whole experimental process more smooth, but before investing, you still need to pay attention to several issues. The first is to ensure that your investment is scalable. With the development of your business, your network and printing system will also change accordingly. In addition, you should also decide whether to purchase the printing system from a digital printing machine equipment supplier or an independent supplier

Dale Northcliffe, a partner of ower consulting, said: now many digital printing machine manufacturers will bind printing solutions to their products in order to stand out in the fierce market competition. However, many tools in these built-in systems do not conform to industry standards, but are template creation tools developed by equipment manufacturers themselves

Ivor Dixon, general manager of positive focus, added: you also need to choose a web-based printing system that can output unlimited data. Pdf based templates usually have very strict requirements on the degree of customization of products

the latest online printing product in the UK

1. Positive focus was recently approved to access the printing software flo suite of Belgian software developer digital media partners in the UK and Ireland

2. Carlsberg cooperates with gecko, a printing management company, to provide personalized printing services for bar operators. Users can create menus, POS systems and event planning systems on the site of this Danish brewer

3. Ossi expanded its coverage of printed products by releasing prismaweb 5.0 and prismaweb emanager 2.0

4. The Italian digital printing plant launched a web-based printing service in the UK, which aims to help small and medium-sized printing plants, marketing agents, and then deal with related work through electrodeposition methods, designers and photographers

5 last summer, Optimus announced that it would integrate Xralle and red tie into its own MIS system

6. Digital people launched click for print, a web-based printing product that can provide HP indigo printer users with low-cost options

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