The hottest global infrastructure has entered a hi

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The global infrastructure has entered the high-speed period, and the construction machinery industry has warmed up or accelerated

the global infrastructure has entered the high-speed period, and the construction machinery industry has warmed up or accelerated

China Construction machinery information

the Asian Development Bank released a report on Tuesday, which focused on the construction and upgrading of large-scale public facilities and greatly enhanced private investment. The Ministry of industry and information technology in shipbuilding steel, electrical steel A number of upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms have been established in civil aircraft aluminum and other fields. By 2030, emerging economies in Asia will have to invest up to $26trillion in infrastructure construction, from transportation networks to clean water resources. According to media reports, trump proposed a large-scale infrastructure plan in his speech to Congress on Tuesday, amounting to $500billion. Correspondingly, China can naturally make correct judgments and choices. China recently announced that its domestic fixed asset investment may exceed 45 trillion yuan in 2017

both China and the United States are committed to infrastructure, and the emerging infrastructure projects in India, Southeast Asia and other regions are launched one after another, which will drive the global market, and the infrastructure boom is coming. China is actively planning the construction of six major economic corridors with countries along the "the Belt and Road". With the global infrastructure construction entering a new accelerated cycle, the rising cycle of the construction machinery industry has come. Construction machinery companies are expected to benefit from the overall sales growth brought about by the recovery of the industry

analysis of concept stocks:

Sany Heavy Industry: in 2013, Sany Heavy industry achieved excavator sales of 1, such as 5682 wedge-shaped fixtures, with a market share of 13.7%, in an absolutely leading position. This can also be seen from the excavator sales volume in August. Data show that in August this year, Sany excavator achieved the highest market share this year, and its market share expanded to 16.7%, continuing to rank first in the industry. Moreover, according to Sany's semi annual report, the company's Excavator gross profit margin increased by 3.9 percentage points year-on-year to 37.0%, which CICC attributed to the decline in raw material costs

Shantui Co., Ltd.: mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of bulldozers, bulldozers, excavators, scrapers and mining machinery; Sales of host accessories, agricultural machinery, industrial and mining accessories; Mine machinery repair

Liugong: according to the 2014 semi annual report, in the first half of 2014, Liugong medium and large tonnage loaders continued to lead the industry, maintaining the first position in market share; Excavators bucked the trend and increased by 17% despite the overall decline of 10% in the industry, with the growth rate ranking first in the industry

Shanhe Intelligence: since 2006, Shanhe intelligence has begun to study the energy-saving technology of excavators, and has successively completed the development of energy-saving excavator series products in combination with a number of national 863 and science and technology support projects

Zoomlion: the company continues to make efforts in the overseas market. On the basis of the successful delivery of 180 earth moving machinery in the Iranian market in the first half of 2014, it recently delivered a large number of medium and large excavators to the Iranian market

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