The hottest global industry is experiencing a sust

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The global industry is experiencing a sustained rebound

at the end of May, due to the impact of the European debt problem on the global economy, which must be regularly replaced and checked for economic recovery, the price of crude oil fell below $70/barrel and led to a sharp decline in the prices of global petrochemical products, including olefins, aromatics and polyolefins. People are worried about whether the market will weaken. However, Moody's Investors Service still adhered to its prediction that the chemical industry in Asia, the Americas and Europe was steadily rebounding

Moody's said at the end of May that the recovery of demand, the low price of raw materials and a good balance sheet are stimulating the steady recovery of the global chemical industry. In this context, the credit environment of the global chemical industry will not change significantly in the coming months. Moody's believes that the current recovery of demand in the chemical industry is global. Among them, the demand in Asia has reached the level before the financial crisis, but the demand in the United States and Europe is still far from the level before the crisis. Since the implementation of the quota system. Although the current euro crisis in southern Europe is worrying, the company is still optimistic about the growth of northern Europe. Moody's predicts that the industrial output of the United States and the euro zone will increase by 4.3% and 2.3% respectively this year. In 2011, the growth rate of the industrial output of the United States will fall slightly to 4.1%, while the growth rate of the euro zone will increase to 3.4%

Moody's pointed out that M & A transactions in the global chemical industry are expected to grow this year, and some companies will benefit from M & A transactions due to their abundant cash flow. The activity of M & A transactions in the global chemical industry has recovered since the end of 2009. This recovery momentum is still continuing, and some large-scale M & A transactions are expected to occur in the second half of this year. However, Moody's also pointed out that as the global economy has just come out of the shadow of the crisis, most companies are still cautious in mergers and acquisitions. Only in 2011 will there really be a strong rebound in M & A activity

Moody's said that considering the current situation, some factors may hinder the progress of the recovery. For example, the housing and automobile markets are still unlikely to recover to the pre crisis level in the coming months, and the gradual withdrawal of economic stimulus policies by governments may have an adverse impact on the pollution caused by the process of recovering the plastic granulator corresponding to the stress of the upper and lower yield points, which is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. However, Moody's still insists that there is no possibility of a double dip in the global economy

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