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Universal Group: practice the "three unifications" to stimulate internal motivation

on October 8, chairman Yu Zhenggang made a systematic analysis of the international and domestic economic situation, the operation status of universal group, and the difficulties and opportunities it faces at the operation analysis meeting of universal group. He stressed that the world situation is complex and volatile. After more than 30 years of rapid economic growth, the growth rate of the troika of investment, export and consumption has slowed down, and it is imperative to adjust the economic structure. The development of mobile Internet, e-commerce, diversified finance and national macro-control policies are deeply changing people's living habits and consumption habits. As we are in the throes of the transformation of new and old drivers, how to adapt to the new normal, self adjust and reform as soon as possible, keep up with the development of the times, and obtain new profit growth points has become a new topic that global group and even tens of millions of Chinese enterprises must face

chairman Yu asked all employees of globegroup group to fully understand the new changes in the world situation and China's economic pattern, deeply understand the importance of the company's reform and the urgency of transformation, earnestly achieve "unity of understanding, unity of consciousness and unity of action", unite as one to meet difficulties and challenges, work together to forge ahead with reform and innovation, gather strength to jointly build a "value world", and stimulate the internal driving force of enterprise development, Realize the harmonious development of personal value, enterprise value and social value

in July this year, chairman Yu Zhenggang delivered a keynote speech entitled "striving for building a" value global ", which clearly put forward the overall goal, connotation and realization way of building a" value global ". It has a clearer positioning and planning for the future development strategy and direction of universal group. Change ideas and unswervingly take the road of reform; Implement the "Eagle strategy" and carry out the strategic policy of independence, integration and integrity; Strengthen the spirit of innovation and promote capacity-building and technological progress; Strengthening internal control and refined management have become the most important keywords. To realize strategic transformation and comprehensively deepen reform, we urgently need to unify our thinking, coordinate our pace and pool our strength. Only by achieving a high degree of unity of "awareness, awareness and action", can we pool the strong strength of all employees, achieve the overall situation of the whole company, and work in unison to develop, strive and create for our common goals and undertakings

stimulate internal motivation, and "Cognitive Unity" is the premise. Understanding is the precursor of consciousness and action, and the prerequisite for doing all work well. Only with unified understanding can we correctly understand and firmly support the company's strategic objectives and reform initiatives. In early July, the company launched institutional reform, integrating, adjusting and allocating resources, opening the curtain of comprehensively deepening reform. With the gradual implementation of cost control, supervision and management, budget management, salary reform, efficiency improvement, conference system, logistics services and other reform measures, adhering to the "three reforms" to consolidate the "three foundations" and building the "five platforms", each of us can deeply feel the changes taking place in the company. These changes are closely related to us, which means that the environment we live in is more equitable, the management is more refined, clearer, and the requirements are more stringent

in the initial stage of reform, Party organizations at all levels, companies and departments need to do a good job in publicity, guidance and training, so as to accurately and quickly transmit the national guidelines and policies, changes in the internal and external situation of the company, vision and goals to all employees after entering the 21st century and various decisions and arrangements, inherit and carry forward the enterprise spirit of "innovation and progress, always strive for leadership", and carry forward the employee spirit of "four special", So that every employee can correctly and clearly understand the seriousness of the economic situation, the complexity of problems and difficulties, and the necessity of reform and transformation. Strengthen the judgment of things, such as the ability to pull out the connecting parts, strengthen confidence, condense positive energy, and consciously invest in the reform and transformation of the company around the great vision goal of "being the leader of the modern glass industry", so as to make our common global home more beautiful, rich, sustainable and healthy development

stimulate internal motivation, and "unity of consciousness" is the key. Consciousness is the reflection of human brain on the objective material world, the sum of various psychological processes such as feeling and thinking, and the core of human knowing oneself and the world. As far as the enterprise is concerned, it is necessary to form a corporate culture highly recognized by all members, so that employees can believe, trust and agree with the values followed by the enterprise, and form a kind of heartfelt follow, so that they can concentrate and advance and retreat together. Over the past ten years, globegroup has formed its own unique and excellent corporate culture. The enterprise spirit of "innovation and progress, and always striving for leadership" and the "four special" employee spirit have inspired batch after batch of globegroup employees. The concept of "value globegroup" is the best interpretation of the future reform direction, development goals and realization ways of globegroup, the value orientation of globegroup employees and the distillation of globegroup culture. Improving the quality of enterprise operation, improving the lives of employees and improving the treatment of employees have become the historical mission and importance of the company's leadership, as well as the common interest pursuit and unswerving life pursuit of all employees

"value global" advocates the principles of marketization, rule of law and sustainable development, and will highlight the three main lines of justice, openness and standardization, fairness and justice. Focus on building a fair, fair and open environment in the aspects of "three important and one big", selection and employment, salary management, performance appraisal, etc. Create a value competition mechanism, advocate the value concept based on the striver, and create a working atmosphere of catching up and competing; Embody the distribution principle of giving priority to efficiency and clear rewards and penalties; Implement a hierarchical performance appraisal system; Create a good environment for employees to grow and become talents, let people who create value enjoy good treatment, and let employees believe that only when they pay can they be rewarded, can they grow if they have the ability, and will be eliminated if they fall behind, so as to truly stimulate the wisdom, passion and vitality of all employees to start a business

for each of our employees, we must establish a sense of the overall situation, awareness, crisis awareness, depending on its thermal performance requirements, PA66 is also widely used, innovation awareness and cooperation awareness, and be good at observing the situation from the overall height and from a long-term perspective, analyzing and dealing with problems. In terms of the group and subsidiaries, collective and individual, long-term and current, the temperature fluctuation should not be greater than 2 ℃/2, When the change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage, make a correct choice, always focus on the fundamental interests of the company and the collective, and unswervingly implement the Party committee and administrative decisions. Based on their own duties, make contributions, be prepared for danger in times of peace, constantly forge ahead, innovate and create, enhance their ability, communicate, cooperate, help each other win-win, strive to achieve self-worth and promote the healthy development of the enterprise

stimulate internal motivation, and "unity of action" is the goal. The ultimate goal of the unity of understanding and consciousness is to make all employees of the company coordinate their steps and act in unison, and turn this consistency into an organizational gene to ensure the sustainability of enterprise development

unified action can ensure that our grand blueprint, policies and decisions, rules and regulations, and all work deployed can be completed without compromise; Only in this way can we ensure that the employees' behaviors do not deviate from the company's requirements, and ensure the success of our reform cause. Unity of action first requires leading cadres to set an example and take the lead in implementation. We should thoroughly implement the "three stricts and three practices", and earnestly achieve loyalty, cleanliness, responsibility, professionalism, tenacity and unity. What employees are required to do must be done by themselves; Never do anything harmful to the interests and image of the company. We should be loyal to our duties, be honest and self disciplined, be professional and dedicated, work hard, and do a good job in various tasks in the reform and development of the enterprise with a high heart and sense of mission, so as to lead and serve the employees well, and carry out work in a pioneering manner

secondly, we should improve various rules and regulations and strictly enforce them to restrict people. Recently, the Party committee and administration of the company have formulated, improved and revised a series of personnel, safety, energy and environmental protection rules and regulations to regulate employees' words and deeds. The formulation of the system is rigorous and meticulous, but the implementation of the system must also be strict in law enforcement, equal treatment, and clear rewards and punishments, so as to ensure its credibility and execution, and externalize it into the action of all employees

third, we should choose model models and carry forward the positive energy of advocating virtue and goodness. An example is a banner. This year, the Party committee of the company issued the "opinions on the implementation of all staff participating in the competition for excellence", which will assess, compare, commend and reward excellent management teams, excellent employees, advanced team leaders, management pacesetters, technical experts, innovation experts, etc. throughout the company. We hope that through the commendation, we can stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees to strive for excellence, drive all employees to learn from these advanced collectives, individuals and vanguard models of Party organizations, carry forward the positive energy of upholding virtue and goodness, and encourage all employees to dare to innovate, actively participate in the reform cause of the world and forge ahead

the reform of globegroup during the transition period, and the "three unifications" are crucial. Only by integrating everyone's ideology into the operation and development of the company, working closely around the central task of economic construction, and towards the overall goal of "value global", can we gather a strong driving force for the development of the enterprise, transform it into practical action, strive for our common cause, and win a brighter tomorrow

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