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Analysis of Taiwan's characteristic packaging machines

I believe that Taiwan's packaging machinery enterprises, supported by the concept of small and beautiful, have a huge packaging market in the mainland. In the future, we will win more users and a broader market

there are not many production and processing enterprises, and Taiwan is relatively small. The development of packaging machinery industry is relatively slow, and the use of large machinery is less. Most enterprises still focus on small packaging machinery, which forms a small and beautiful feature

apart from a small number of less than five companies with more than 50 people, what is small and beautiful? Let me first look at the meaning of this small word. Packaging machinery enterprises in Taiwan. Almost all of them are small enterprises, even ultra small enterprises. Once the order is larger than the production capacity, these enterprises can use the method of subcontracting to let other enterprises help complete the order together. This enables enterprises to control personnel and cost expenditure well in the off-season of the market, and complete a large number of orders in the peak season of the market. The time, cost, quality and other aspects of this entrusted processing method can be well guaranteed, which provides an important foundation for the development of Taiwan's packaging industry. In addition, Taiwan has created many products with the world's largest output in the past decade, such as shoes, textiles, clocks, toys, computers, etc., and the entrusted processing method has played a very important role in the process of these achievements, helping Taiwan's packaging occupy a place on the stage of international trade

the personnel structure is relatively simple. The meaning of the word "American" means that Taiwan's packaging machinery has very good quality. Because these enterprises are relatively small. Therefore, enterprises have high potential to develop and have their own special advantages in mastering the key technology of mechanical equipment. And commissioned to add 1. Experimental pressure: it is the most important factor affecting the core configuration of the hydraulic testing machine; Industrial enterprises can also well master the technology of the entrusted enterprises, so as to ensure that the quality of the equipment users get is consistent.

many well-known packaging machinery enterprises in Taiwan's packaging industry have developed in the mainland market. At present. Moreover, the scale of each enterprise is more than ten times larger than that of Taiwan. While learning how to manage a large enterprise, these Taiwanese entrepreneurs have not forgotten to bring the concept of flexible, small and beautiful operation of Taiwan packaging enterprises to the mainland. After all, the profit pursued by enterprises is not just the scale of enterprises

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