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The global industry gathered to show the corrugated blue ocean

Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2009 is about to open. The world's largest corrugated box packaging event, Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2009 (sino-corrugated to strengthen performance management 2009) will be grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 7

at that time, more than 800 exhibitors, more than 40000 exhibitors and more than 90 visiting groups of domestic and foreign associations will gather together to witness the rapid development of the global corrugated industry

the four-day 2009 Lihua international corrugation exhibition was hosted by Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a member company of Reed Exhibitions group. The exhibition area reached 60000 square meters, and almost all the world's famous carton equipment and consumables suppliers gathered. It comprehensively displayed the world's leading carton and paperboard manufacturing equipment and related leading consumables, as well as the new technologies in pre press, printing and post press of the corrugation industry New products and one-stop innovative solutions will be fully displayed

over the years, the influence of Lihua International Corrugated exhibition has increased at home and abroad, thanks to Asian corrugated box Association (ACCA), Singapore corrugated box manufacturers association (CMBA), South American corrugated box Association (ACCCSA), American paper and Pulp Industry Technology Association (TAPPI), Turkish corrugated box Association (oumd), European corrugated board manufacturers association (FEFCO), Indian corrugated box manufacturers association (fcbm) Hong Kong Corrugated Paper Manufacturers Association (HKCPMA), Indian printing and Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (IPAMA), Indonesian corrugated board Industry Association (picci), Malaysian corrugated box manufacturers association (Macca), Taiwan Paper Industry Association (tpcia), Ukraine corrugated board Association (uacbm) and other industry associations gave full support. This time, the Association continued to organize professional exhibition teams to visit the exhibition site

at present, the global financial storm caused by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has swept the world, and the orders of carton factories at home and abroad have generally decreased by 20% - 30%. How to survive this financial vortex and not be shuffled by the industry? How to stabilize the existing export orders and strive for development? How to grasp the pulse of the market and expand new application industries without being eliminated? How to break through the cost-benefit advantage? It has become the focus of attention in the carton industry

the corrugated box market, where challenges and opportunities coexist, cannot be supported and promoted without mature and professional exhibitions. Although there are many comprehensive printing and packaging exhibitions in China every year, there are still few professional corrugated box exhibitions

Lihua International Corrugated exhibition, which has had successful experience in the past four exhibitions, has become a wind vane and beacon of the corrugated box industry. More and more professional buyers here have insight into the development trend of the global corrugated box industry, and regard the exhibition as a necessary station for purchasing corrugated box equipment and understanding industry information; In addition, corrugated box machinery suppliers at home and abroad also comprehensively displayed their latest products and technologies on this platform

in order to further promote exchanges and cooperation in the global corrugated industry and accelerate the overall improvement of China's corrugated industry, 2009 Lihua International Corrugated exhibition will focus on upgrading technology, improving efficiency and reducing costs. At that time, more than 1100 sets of the world's leading corrugated box equipment and nearly a thousand kinds of related consumables will be unveiled to help the audience understand the international cutting-edge technical concepts at the first time, investigate and purchase new energy-saving and consumption reducing products, and apply the results of the exhibition to the actual production management in the future

it is reported that BHS will display the full-automatic paper receiving machine on site, and the 99.5% success rate of paper receiving and the zero tail paper receiving head will greatly improve the production capacity; Pe1620sa-ii maxcut full-automatic waste cleaning and flattening die-cutting machine of Shanghai Xuheng Iron Machinery Co., Ltd. has a maximum mechanical speed of 5500 revolutions; Nanhai Oriental Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. APStar can store common orders, change orders faster and operate more conveniently in order to change this dilemma

during the same period of the exhibition, a number of technical exchange meetings will be held, such as the cost control seminar of carton enterprises, the national standard training meeting of the new version of carton and paperboard, and the exhibition area of creative corrugated household products, closely following the current hot topics and industry needs of the global packaging and printing industry, so as to provide reference for the audience to explore new markets, master the latest market information, and find new profit growth points

as MS. liyayi, the general manager of Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., admitted in an interview: at present, the corrugated industry is entering a new stage of development, which contains unlimited business opportunities and potential, and 2009 Lihua International Corrugated exhibition will rely on its unique innovation. 4. Regular inspection pliers researchers have tested the screw angle at the mouth of the metal coated and uncoated samples of the material reinforced with carbon fiber Careful value-added services and comprehensive industry information point out the direction for the global corrugated industry at the time of the storm, point out the maze for more carton equipment and consumables suppliers, break through the competition, and create a new blue ocean of corrugated

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