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The global gravure packaging market shows great potential

for gravure printing, what has not changed is its technology. The research of the Market Research Institute of the Nuremberg Consumption Research Association (GfK) shows that, also in the field of packaging and printing, gravure printing takes priority over other printing processes to occupy the main market share for most brand product enterprises. Although the competition between gravure printing, offset printing and flexo printing has not changed in the printing industry, it is an indisputable fact that gravure printing has not only maintained its inherent market, but also recaptured some markets

publishing and printing

based on the calculation of 40% waste of European gravure printing, more than 10000 tons of chitin can be produced. According to the investigation of the Association (ERA) in European gravure printing enterprises, more than 60% of enterprises are dissatisfied with their current situation. The reason is that the current economic situation is poor, the benefits are declining, the equipment investment is too high, the competition is too fierce and the price pressure is too high. The last few reasons not only reflect the current weak economic development, but also reflect that the gravure industry and its market are in the process of continuous structural adjustment. The development of Europe's own market and the accession of central and Eastern European countries to the EU market will continue to strengthen this process. Development enables large gravure printing enterprises to actively improve their production capacity and price factors while opening up opportunities. In order to give full play to the synergy and geographical advantages, large gravure printing enterprises have joined forces and invested in the most popular wide width gravure printing equipment. At present, the peak of gravure enterprise combination process is in 2002, such as the merger of SCHLOTT sebaldus and broschek. The resulting new scmott group ranks third among European gravure printing enterprises after Arvato and quebeco

the investment of large enterprises in modern large format gravure printing equipment with a length of more than 4 meters has increased the competition pressure in the European gravure printing market and promoted the development of the group's indentation. Both the research on the latest gravure printing process and the development of collectivization will help gravure printing maintain and expand its leading position as a magazine and catalogue production process. Compared with rotary offset printing, gravure printing has made gratifying progress in adjusting its own structure to adapt to the development of the market. For short gravure printing, due to the limitation of its production capacity, the competitiveness can not be improved only through the innovation of the prepress stage

packaging and upholstery printing

after years of market development, gravure printing's market share in the field of packaging printing is declining, and flexo printing has a strong development momentum, but this trend has recently turned to gravure printing, which is called the "Renaissance" in the packaging market. This is reflected in the growing demand for gravure machinery manufacturers. In Asia, southern Europe and Eastern European countries, traditional gravure printing has been developing strongly in the packaging market. Compared with Europe and the United States, due to its relatively low personnel costs, the prepress cost is relatively higher than that of gravure printing, and the price factor in these countries is not significant. While the Asian and southern European markets require high printing numbers, they also have high requirements for the appearance gloss effect of packaging printing. These requirements can only be met through the use of gravure printing

in Europe, gravure printing also plays a leading role in the field of packaging and printing of famous brand goods. 80% of famous brand goods choose gravure printing process because gravure printing has high printing quality stability and ink gloss in the whole printing process. In order to stand out in the market competition, famous brands in the food field have put forward higher requirements for design and printing images. Gravure printing can ensure the best printing quality. Large paperboard packaging printers, such as Tetra

Pak, can't ensure the high quality of their printing after converting their milk and juice paperboard to flexographic printing process. There are other reasons for the revival of gravure printing: cost analysis shows that compared with the significant quality difference between flexo printing and gravure printing of famous brand goods, the cost difference is not significant. Gravure printing can improve its economy and mobility through technological innovation. In the prepress stage, it can be achieved by improving the quality and production capacity of the drum and using full-automatic production equipment

decoration material printing

another professional field of gravure printing is decoration material printing. Professional decoration material printing process is used for printing on paper with different surface coating materials, such as floor leather, veneer or kitchen panel. Wallpaper printing elastopan is a multi-component polyurethane foaming material, which also belongs to decoration printing. The production of surface coating materials in the world is about 6billion square meters, with a growth rate of 55% from 1995 to 2001, reflecting the development trend of the market. The second fastest growing is floor leather printing, whose worldwide production increased from 50million square meters in 1995 to 400million square meters in 2001. The annual production of the whole decoration paper reaches 550000 tons, of which 46% is used for printing, almost all of which adopts gravure printing process


like other industries and economic industries, gravure printing industry has changed in the past few years and will continue in the future. Gravure printing still occupies a leading position in catalogue and magazine printing because of its technical advantages and the introduction of modern equipment in the printing and prepress stages; In the field of packaging and printing, gravure printing will become the first choice of famous brand products because of its high quality assurance and high gloss effect. As flexo printing will no longer maintain its cost advantage in the range of high quality, the market share of gravure printing relative to flexo printing will be increased. Based on the background of the eastward expansion of the European Union, the gravure industry as a whole is bound to gain growth opportunities. Packaging gravure printing will maintain strong growth in Turkey, China and other countries with development potential. India has a large number of wealthy middle class, and the packaging gravure market is also full of hope

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