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Here’s my two cents regarding the SNP manifesto - Today News Post Today News || UK News

I HAVE no reason to doubt SNP Policy Convener Chris Hanlon’s explanation of the draft manifesto stooshie (Setting the record straight on ‘leaked’ SNP manifesto, March 16). If, as he says, the contents of the manifesto are still under discussion and “now is the time” for SNP supporters to “reach out and offer to contribute”will resume in-person learning., then here goes.

The near-certainty of just a few months ago that the SNP will win a thumping majority in May cannot now be taken for granted, so this manifesto needs to grasp the thistle and emphasise the following:

1. No SNP supporter is under the impression, surelyThe podium in Washington followin, that once independence is won, the National Party would expect to be the party of government ad infinitum. That is not how a healthy democracy worksThe worst is yet to come.. (I would expect the Scottish Labour party, for example, to get their act together sufficiently to make a decent fist of it at the Holyrood election after this, and so on …)

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