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1. Safety first

safety is one of the key points to be considered in the design of the baby room. As children are in the stage of being lively and curious, they are prone to accidents, so they need to take care of everything in the design, such as setting guardrails in windows and furniture, trying to avoid the appearance of edges and corners, and adopting arc edge trimming, etc. In the choice of decorative materials, no matter the wall, ceiling or floor, non-toxic and tasteless natural materials should be selected to reduce the indoor pollution caused by decoration. The ground is suitable for solid wood floor, with lead-free paint finishing, and full consideration should be given to the skid resistance of the ground

2. Natural scale

due to the strong activity of children, the configuration of baby room supplies should be suitable for the nature of children, and soft and natural materials are preferred. Such as carpet, log, wall cloth or plastic, these materials are durable, easy to repair and affordable, which can create a comfortable sleeping environment. The style of furniture should be small, simple, simple and novel. At the same time, it should have the decorative taste that children like. Small, suitable for children's physical characteristics, in line with their lively nature; Concise, in line with children's innocence; Simple, can cultivate children's sincere and simple character

3. Sufficient lighting

appropriate and sufficient lighting can make the room warm and secure, and help eliminate the fear of children when they are alone. The overall lighting degree of the baby room must be higher than that of the adult room, which can generally be arranged in two ways: overall and local. When children play games, they should be illuminated by overall lights

when children read picture books, they can choose local dimmable table lamps to enhance the lighting to obtain the best brightness. In addition, a low wattage night light can be installed in the child's room or a regulator can be installed on other lamps to facilitate the child to wake up at night




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