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The era of people managing people has passed. Using systems to manage people is not only a development trend of today's enterprises, but also a progressive expression of the times

Ashley wardrobe production management post: Yu Jianyong joined Ashley in August 2004. As a middle-level manager of the company's production center, he is not only the communicator of the company's leadership orders, but also the supervisor of implementation, but also the direct leader of the production line. In my personal opinion, to do production is nothing more than to pay attention to production safety, control production costs, do a good job in product quality, and ship goods on time according to the customer's delivery date. Execution is particularly important. The era of people managing people has passed, and using systems to manage people is a development trend of today's enterprises and a progressive expression of the era. For the company, you should do your best to create greater value for the company; For subordinate employees, you should set an example, let everyone do according to the company's system, and let them work here with a sense of belonging. After all, specific work still needs to be completed by them; For yourself, you should keep learning, be brave in innovation, dare to accept the challenge of new things, enrich yourself and improve your value at the same time

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the company has developed for 15 years. As one of the first enterprises to enter the custom home furnishing industry, Easley has achieved a large number of excellent dealers, cultivated a large number of excellent talents for the industry, and laid a solid foundation for the steady development of Easley in these 15 years. Employees like me who have worked for more than 10 years can be seen everywhere in Easley, Because we believe in Ashley and take the development of Ashley as our own career. With the development and expansion of the company, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The company cannot change its path of reform and innovation, and its adherence to the idea of personalized development cannot be changed. The customized home furnishing industry has not developed for a long time in China, and the company still has a lot of room for development. It is hoped that the company will enter a momentum of rapid and steady development, and we will make progress together with the company




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