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At present, the competition of integrated ceiling brands in the market is very fierce, and all brands have tried their best to promote their products to consumers. The majority of consumers really feel like looking for gold in the sand when shopping. So, how to choose and buy the integrated ceiling

at present, the competition of integrated ceiling brands in the market is very fierce, and all brands have tried their best to promote their products to consumers. The majority of consumers really feel like looking for gold in the sand when shopping. So, how to choose and buy the integrated ceiling

FTL integrated ceiling

production of finished products to increase aesthetics

simply speaking, the integrated ceiling is to make the ceiling module and electrical module into a modular module of standard specifications, which is different from the effect of the previous kitchen and bathroom ceiling after the rigid installation of Yuba or ventilator or lighting lamp. After the installation of the integrated ceiling, what you see is no longer a rigid combination, but a beautiful and coordinated top shape

module design and function optimization

heating module, lighting module and ventilation module can be reasonably arranged and installed, overcoming the limitations of the original gusset plate. The design of lighting module, ventilation module, air heating module and other functional modules makes the ceiling function more optimized

open placement, safe use

traditional Yuba products combine many functions into one, and adopt the form of bottom shell wrapping. In this way, in the process of use, due to the very high power, the machine temperature will also increase, thereby reducing the service life of components. After the functional modules of the integrated ceiling are disassembled, the open split installation method is adopted to increase the service life of electrical components by more than three times

it's impossible to prevent “ Truth &rdquo

“ Truth one ”: The thicker the gusset plate, the better

in fact, the thicker the gusset plate, the better. The thickness of the substrate on the market is beyond the scope of the industry standard, which usually belongs to recycled aluminum. The thickness of the gusset plate produced by it is relatively thick, but it is easy to corrode and rust due to many impurities. More importantly, the ceiling is very easy to deform and sink after installation. Therefore, consumers should choose high-quality aluminum gusset plates with light weight and good elasticity

“ Truth 2 ”: Metal ceilings are environmentally friendly

poor quality metal plates contain heavy metals, which have radiation to the human body. High iron content is easy to rust, poor quality film is easy to breed bacteria, and some high-quality metal plates are environmentally friendly. Therefore, not all metal ceilings are environmentally friendly, but there are advantages and disadvantages

“ Truth 3 ”: International and domestic so-called big brands

at present, there are many international and domestic big brands in the integrated ceiling industry. The Chinese characters are the same, and the English registration is different, which has nothing to do with international and domestic big brands. It is suggested that consumers should choose professional brands when purchasing integrated ceiling, and do not be confused by the so-called international and domestic brands and buy inferior products. [page]

What do you think about the purchase of integrated ceiling

focus on practicality and quality

practicality is the most basic requirement of integrated ceiling products. If it is not practical, the decoration of kitchen and bathroom will lose its original significance. At present, the market price of integrated ceiling products ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per square meter, and many buckle modules of low-cost special price products are made of waste materials. The material is light and thin, and the service life is short. Consumers should pay more attention to the quality of buckle when purchasing products, In addition, pay attention to whether the heating module, ventilation module, lighting module and other electrical modules have passed the international quality certification

pay attention to health and environmental protection

in room decoration, we must pay attention to the quality of decoration materials, especially toxic substances such as formaldehyde, which are very harmful to human health. Many integrated ceiling brands have developed green and environmentally friendly integrated ceiling products. Whether ceiling or integrated electrical appliances, they use environmentally friendly materials, aiming to create elegant, environmentally friendly and healthy products for the majority of consumers. In addition, energy conservation is also an important part of environmental protection. When shopping, consumers should not only pay attention to the environmental protection of ceiling plates, but also pay attention to whether the electrical modules are energy-saving

rest assured use depends on service

pay attention to pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services when selecting integrated ceiling. Three materials and seven installation, correct installation can ensure the normal use of the product in the future. It is understood that the front-line service personnel of major brands have received various professional installation training, and consumers should pay attention to the installation quality of the brand when purchasing. The warranty period of many integrated ceiling products is short, and many dealers replace inferior and thin materials with inferior ones, which seriously damages the interests of consumers. Therefore, consumers should choose those integrated ceiling products with good sales service, good brand reputation and long warranty period

choose a brand and see the details

as the saying goes: “ Taste comes from details, and details create perfection& rdquo; All major elements have been thought of, and the details cannot be ignored. For example, when consumers choose the integrated ceiling, they often pay attention to the main board and ignore the internal installation framework under the misleading of merchants. This part of auxiliary materials is equivalent to the foundation and beam column of the building, which is easy to rust and deform by cutting corners, causing the ceiling to sink or even collapse. Therefore, from plates to keel hangers, consumers must carefully look at them when purchasing, and they can't be careless

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