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Today, according to the Shandong Provincial Light Industry Office, among the newly announced 1948 large-scale enterprise groups in China, 11 enterprises in Shandong paper industry were elected, and the number and production scale of the selected enterprises ranked first in the same industry in China

it is noteworthy that these 11 large groups in the paper industry with an annual sales revenue of more than 300million yuan grew after closing 503 small paper-making enterprises and reducing the production capacity of 960000 tons in eight years in Shandong Province. The output and sales revenue, profits, taxes and profits of the 11 enterprise groups account for 49%, 55%, 72.5% and 80.2% of the province's paper industry respectively, which shows that the production concentration of Shandong's paper industry has increased unprecedentedly after the structural adjustment and the simultaneous shutdown. According to the statistics of the Provincial Light Industry Office, the average production scale of Jinan experimental machine in the development history of Shandong paper enterprises has increased from 4500 tons in 1998 to 40000 tons at the end of July this year, more than twice the national average

the person in charge of Shandong Light Industry Office said that the completion and operation of a large number of projects with international advanced equipment level, such as the 150000 ton clk: clock input signal end paper project of Quanlin paper, has continuously enhanced the competitiveness and development potential of Shandong paper enterprises

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