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Riding the wind and breaking the waves, Schneider Electric and its green intelligent manufacturing achievements appeared in Shanghai, China at the 2020 Industrial Expo. From September 15 to September 19, 2020, the 22nd China International Industrial Expo (CIIF 2020) will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, takes green intelligent manufacturing and creating a digital future as the theme, It presents industrial automation, energy management, industrial edge computing, full life cycle service solutions, and green intelligent manufacturing practices covering process industry, discrete industry and hybrid industry. Ecostruxure process control experts who inherited Schneider Electric's 50 years of on-site control experience, harmony P6 new custom chemical controller, Modicon new generation switch and other new products were launched in the exhibition. Star products such as the new generation of intelligent low-voltage complete equipment, intelligent and efficient medium voltage equipment, capsule data center and IT Infrastructure Digital platform, and new synchronous motion control solutions were displayed in the real scene. Pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, said: in the face of uncertainty, digitalization has become a powerful tool for enterprises to maintain competitiveness. Schneider Electric and its ecosphere partners are very willing to share the practice of green intelligent manufacturing with industry colleagues on the stage of the Industrial Expo, so as to provide reference for enterprises at all stages of digital transformation and promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading, Towards high-quality development

Schneider Electric made its debut at the 2020 Industrial Expo with the theme of green intelligent manufacturing to win the digital future

from discrete industry to process industry, and enhance the competitiveness of industrial enterprises with green intelligent manufacturing

Schneider Electric's end-to-end software and hardware solution based on ecostruxure IOT architecture covers all fields from discrete industry to process industry. At the site of this Industrial Expo, represented by lithium battery and petrochemical industry, the digital twin of the whole life cycle of the industry and the overall solutions of each process section were displayed:

the lithium battery industry exhibition area integrated the concept of Schneider Electric ecostruxure machine, and comprehensively displayed the whole life cycle solutions of green intelligent manufacturing planning, production process, factory management and energy efficiency management software and hardware. By showing the automation application technology of lithium battery production line and the real cases of green intelligent manufacturing in the electronics industry, for example, cooperating with the leading new energy enterprises such as the suspension frame of the exhibition train and Yibin Libao, which are high-speed rail "black technology" brought by Ningde times, which is known as "China's four new inventions", Schneider Electric has fully demonstrated its role in helping discrete manufacturing customers achieve high-efficiency and high-quality production scheduling Strong strength in material control, unit cost, equipment maintenance and quality traceability

the petrochemical industry exhibition area comprehensively displays solutions such as intelligent manufacturing planning, digital design and delivery, intelligent operation and maintenance, tank farm management, and full life cycle information security. Schneider Electric has helped Hainan refining and chemical, sanning chemical and other energy enterprises to realize the comprehensive digitalization of construction and production control, so as to ensure the stability, long-term and excellent production. At the same time, it also shows the small and medium-sized and edge data center solutions widely applicable to various industrial scenarios, such as capsule data center and it infrastructure digital platform

at the site of this Industrial Expo, Schneider Electric's overall green intelligent manufacturing solution from consulting to implementation promoted the planning and deployment of various subsystems through top-level design, so as to realize the effective implementation from digitalization to software and hardware solutions

with the further integration of ecostruxure and aveva, the site will also show its project initiation, design, construction, operation and maintenance throughout the enterprise, which can provide industrial customers with a complete digital twin display of the asset life cycle and the operation life cycle, further highlight the integrated software and open architecture, give full play to the effectiveness of digital twin, and help enterprises cope with complex environments and solve problems, Realize the advantages of rapid improvement of energy and production efficiency

ecostruxure process expert, a new generation of process control system, made its debut in the world at the exhibition, realized the best technical combination between PLC and DCS, integrated energy management functions, and provided excellent value performance for the enterprise in the whole life cycle of the plant from design, implementation to operation and maintenance. It can help industrial enterprises cope with the challenges of intelligent operation, regulatory compliance, intelligent design and configuration, and security. It can shorten the engineering configuration time by 25% on average and reduce the downtime and maintenance costs by 50%. It can also increase the operating profit by 10% through the data-driven improvement of revenue and operating profit. It is compatible with the existing process control system and provides a plug and play standard common library, Reduce process energy costs by 30%

okken, the newly launched new generation of pre intelligent low-voltage complete equipment, appeared at the Industrial Expo. It is a new intelligent low-voltage complete equipment with its own digital gene, which can improve the reliability of power consumption and the operation and maintenance efficiency of power supply and distribution system

a series of safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient medium voltage equipment are based on the modular and compact design concept, combined with advanced sensing, arc protection requiring manual maintenance, solid insulation and other technologies, and integrated with active operation and maintenance and fine management, including smart Trihal intelligent oxygen casting dry-type transformer, easerg with a small amount of clock oil y micom P3 relay protection device, easergy micom P5 relay protection device Smart pix intelligent air insulated medium voltage switchgear

Schneider Electric also appeared at the booths of Alibaba 1688 and JD industrial products, and communicated with the audience on topics such as intelligent manufacturing and intelligent distribution digital procurement solutions and digital services

at present, with the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the impact of new technologies on the production mode, the industry has increasingly strong demands for open automation. In Schneider Electric's view, the industrial market is undergoing a huge digital transformation, and it is urgent to break through the limitations of traditional automation on projects through more open systems

as the leader of digital transformation in the automation field, Schneider Electric believes that the future manufacturing and production operations should be carried out around the general open architecture, and will follow the open standards. By thoroughly innovating the automation system, the software and hardware will be independent of each other in the whole life cycle, accelerating the full implementation of digitization

a strong and intelligent supply chain is very important for enterprises to face the crisis. After years of accumulation, Schneider Electric ranked fourth among the top 25 global supply chains rated by Gartner in 2020 by focusing on the four directions of short chain system, cooperative symbiosis, digital empowerment and green sustainability, and continued to rank first among industrial manufacturing enterprises. At the global manufacturing industry chain high quality cooperation summit forum hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology at the same time of the ICIF, pangxingjian delivered a speech entitled "optimizing the global industry chain layout through high quality cooperation"

2020, the international social and economic situation is still full of challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19. Facing the uncertain future, Schneider Electric, which has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than 30 years, has the obligation and obligation to help industrial customers grasp the direction and meet the challenges of production and operation toughness, efficiency and sustainability by virtue of its rich practice and profound technical accumulation in the industrial field. Schneider Electric will rely on the ecostruxure architecture based on IOT, from energy to automation, from design to maintenance, from terminal to cloud, from decentralization to integration, and use the four-dimensional integration of data to help enterprises achieve high efficiency and sustainable development of production and demand, and help industrial enterprises realize automation, informatization, digitalization, networking and greening of production and operation

september 15-19, Schneider Electric is waiting for you at booth C127 of hall 6.1h

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