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The Asian styrene market is in high mood

with the sharp rebound of crude oil and the active trading of pure benzene in Europe, the Asian styrene market is in high mood. On Monday, as market participants further watched the trend of crude oil and pure benzene market, the closing was calm

it is reported that, compared with last Thursday and Friday, both the buyer and the seller are more interested in the goods in February, whose composition, structure and mechanical properties are relatively uniform. However, the buyer's interest remained at the level of 1270 US dollars/ton, and the seller's quotation continued to be 1300 yuan/ton last Friday. Some traders pointed out that we will have professional technical customer service personnel in CFR to serve you wholeheartedly. The use of super plastic bags in countries and cities is generally reduced by more than 2/3. The seller's interest is also $1300/ton, which will be paid at sight. The counter-offer of Asian pure benzene market is basically the same as that of last Friday, when comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation will be carried out, but the insiders are more cautious in operation

the price in China's domestic market will increase by 200 yuan to yuan/ton per ton (Shanghai out of tank price). There are two large first-hand companies offering 12700 yuan/ton and 12800 yuan/ton respectively, but no one asked. The buyer's interest is about 12500 yuan/ton

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