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On November 26, the staff of the tenth group of the style inspection of the Wuhan municipal Party committee inspected the scene and saw that 70 street lights had been restored after more than a month of supervision. A group of six resident representatives presented a banner of "caring for the people and solving problems" to the inspection team on the spot, which affirmed the street rectification work

the two kilometer section from gate 3, Bihai garden, Jinyin lake to phase II of Jinzhu harbor is the starting point for the bus line 603 and 657, which are strongly supported by enterprises and institutions in the global aluminum industry and enthusiastically participated in. Due to the damage of 70 street lights for a long time, the safety of residents in the community is seriously affected. After more than a month of follow-up and supervision, the inspection team found that 70 street lights in two kilometers were bright again, and "one bright road" was also built for 10000 residents in two communities and two bus lines

on October 15, 2018, the tenth group of the style inspection of the municipal Party Committee received a complaint from Ms. Li, a citizen, that the street lights of the two kilometer section around the lake from gate 3 of the Bihai garden of Jinyin lake to phase II of Jinzhu harbor were not on. Please inspect, verify and supervise, and give residents a safe and peaceful travel environment

after receiving the complaint, the inspection team shall investigate and understand it in time. It turned out that the street lamps in the two kilometer section of Huanhu West Road were built by the developer. Because the construction was in a hurry for the sale of houses and the quality was rough, they were not handed over to the street lamp department for management after completion. After a long time, 50 street lamps at the south end and 15 street lamps at the north end were damaged and did not light up for a long time. In addition, the five street lamps outside the west end door are "made for the occasion". There are lamps without power lines, but it is only an accident that will squeeze the guide wheel out of the decoration

after the original cause was found out, the inspection team supervised the Jinyin Lake sub district office to come up with a remediation plan for the problem. Certified by the professional department, it needs 250000 yuan to restore 70 damaged street lamps. Because there was no budget at the beginning of the year, there were certain difficulties in the procedure of this temporary expenditure

there is no trivial matter for the masses. The inspection team asked the street special affairs to be handled in a special way and to take a "green channel" in financial expenditure. The sub district contacted the District Construction Bureau and the "three new" rural power company to formulate a comprehensive renovation plan for street lamps. It was agreed that the rural power company would be responsible for the construction, and the street would bear the repair funds. The property management company was requested to bear the electricity charge for half a year first. After the repair plan is agreed, all units shall work overtime to promote the repair project and ensure that the remediation task is completed within the time specified by the inspection team

on November 21, the inspection team received Mr. Yan, the resident representative of Bihai Garden community, face-to-face in Jinyin Lake Street during the reception of urban leaders, and listened to his expectations on the timely repair of street lamps on behalf of the residents of the two communities, and there was also a big distinction between different companies for the safe travel of 10000 people. During the interview, the leaders of the inspection team put forward a time node for accelerating the repair of 70 street lights in the two kilometer section with quality and quantity, which further promoted the implementation and effectiveness of the repair work

after more than 40 days of emergency repair, 65 street lamps at the north and south ends of the road have been restored. After commissioning, the 5 street lamps outside the west end of the road will be replaced as soon as possible due to the aging of the line. During the maintenance, in order to ensure the lighting effect, the branches along the two sides of the two kilometer road are comprehensively cut and repaired to ensure the lighting effect after the street lamps are repaired

(Zhao Jiantao, Luo Jing, correspondent of luoyuqi, Hubei Radio and television financial media)

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