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The technology of Changchai multi cylinder engine has been introduced to you for countless times. In recent years, Changchai Co., Ltd. has focused on new product research and development and market development to improve the quality of economic operation and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The product structure adjustment of the company has gradually shown the market effect, Multi cylinder non Road products continue to sell well. As of April 16, the sales volume of multi cylinder engines in the current month was equal to that of single cylinder engines, which became a historic moment for Changchai's product structure adjustment. As of April 20, the production and sales volume of the key product 4G33 multi cylinder engine developed by the company had exceeded the total volume of the model in the whole year of last year in less than four months, and still showed a strong sales trend, which is expected to make another innovation in May

at present, the company's 4l88 and other products have grown rapidly in the matching of HP tractors, and have become the mainstream products for matching tractors. However, 4G33 has obvious advantages in the fields of harvesting machinery, tractor puller in 2016 and other supporting fields, and its market share in the product competition with peer enterprises continues to grow. The light engine M78, ev80 and other models developed by the company have also increased this year, especially in terms of supporting plant protection machinery. In the first quarter of this year, the company's supporting multi cylinder engines with more than 50 horsepower increased significantly, which fully demonstrated the operating results brought to the company after the product structure adjustment. In the past two years, the company has also increased its investment in after-sales service, and the market service has been affirmed by users, which has effectively played a role of escort for non Road products to occupy the market

the company has further accelerated its transformation and upgrading, further optimized its product structure and effectively controlled its market risks. After several years of adjustment and development, its economic strength has been enhanced. Under the impact and pressure, the enterprise's economic operation quality is good, laying a foundation for 2. Tensile properties of high molecular polymers: stable development. According to the changes of the market situation, the company has focused on developing a number of non Road products with high technical content that meet the market demand. While the traditional multi cylinder engine products maintain a certain market share, the new products gradually build new advantages, so that Changchai continues to maintain a leading position in the same industry

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