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Lane changing overtaking "smart manufacturing" helps Zhenjiang manufacturing develop in high quality

in the regional competition and cooperation, as a manufacturing industry of the real economy, in order to realize lane changing overtaking, the manufacturing of intelligent bolt shotcrete support technical specification GB 50086 (2) 001 provides an excellent development opportunity. Our city has always attached importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing. The backbone enterprises in the industrial chain play a leading role in driving the intelligent high-end transformation of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, which is listed as one of the ten promotion paths of regional intelligent manufacturing promoted by the Ministry of industry and information technology last year. In the journey towards strengthening the city through industry, the emerging intelligent manufacturing is providing strong support for the high-quality economic development of Zhenjiang and continuously injecting new momentum

as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of aviation composite materials, Fischer Airlines has built the first intelligent demonstration workshop of aircraft composite parts in the province. The "data" of intelligent workshops has leapt to a refreshing level - compared with traditional workshops, the company's product defect rate has decreased by 20%, production efficiency has increased by 45%, energy consumption has decreased by 40%, and labor has decreased by 30%. Taxable sales have increased from 85 million yuan in 2016 to 210 million yuan in 2018. At present, the company continues to usher in the dividend period of industrial development, with sales rising steadily and capacity expansion accelerating. The company has become a supplier of well-known aviation enterprises at home and abroad, such as Airbus of France, Boeing of the United States, Bombardier and COMAC

similar to Fischer's "the first in the province", Lishen energy technology company, which focuses on the field of new energy, has created the first provincial intelligent factory of new energy vehicle power battery in the province. Through the new generation of information technology and intelligent equipment such as industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, intelligent robots, intelligent logistics equipment, it has created a full line of automation, full line digitization, full line virtualization, full line interconnection integration Intelligent factories with five significant features of intelligent decision-making across the line have achieved autonomous and controllable localization rates of core equipment and control procedures. A series of measures finally achieved 25% improvement in production efficiency, 30% reduction in operating costs, 50% reduction in product upgrading cycle, and 35% reduction in product defect rate

the person in charge of the company said that he had tasted the sweetness of intelligent manufacturing. The competitiveness of the company's products has been continuously enhanced, and the market has been expanding. Its power batteries have been equipped with complete vehicles such as FAW, Zhongtong, Jinlong, Yaxing, etc., and energy storage products have been applied in China, Germany, the United States and other countries around the world

the dazzling performance of Fischer and Lixin energy confirms the powerful energy of intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing has become a strategic choice for Zhenjiang's industrial front to speed up transformation and upgrading and enhance industrial competitiveness. A series of decisive actions accurately anchor the main attack direction. Last year, our city formulated and issued the action plan for the upgrading of high-end equipment in Zhenjiang South Korea around 1988 (year), which focuses on fully seizing the commanding height of the development of intelligent manufacturing, and further refining the goals and tasks of quantitative leadership, innovation ability, enterprise competitiveness, intelligent manufacturing ability and so on. Nowadays, more and more factor resources are invested in intelligent manufacturing. Optimize the special funds for the transformation and upgrading of Municipal Industry and informatization. The Municipal Industry and information technology department focuses on supporting projects such as the construction of intelligent factories (workshops), intelligent transformation, the first set of major technical equipment, industrial interconnection, enterprise cloud, etc

according to statistics, a total of 78 "three modernizations" transformation projects such as digitalization, networking and intellectualization were supported in 2018, striving for 69.385 million yuan of special support funds above the municipal level, accounting for 34.7% of the total economic and information support funds. By deepening the "three focus" service mechanism, we will regularly organize and carry out activities such as "three focus" service intelligent manufacturing supply and demand docking, policy lectures, project application guidance, and field observation of intelligent factories, so as to promote the accelerated implementation of a number of projects

intelligent manufacturing is the core of the new round of industrial revolution and the main direction of industrial development in the future. In this regard, buxiaofang, director of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, said that at present, the development of intelligent manufacturing is surging. If Zhenjiang wants to take the lead in high-quality development, it must seize the development opportunity of intelligent manufacturing, take the initiative in the morning, and be passive in the evening. This year, our city will focus on accelerating the integrated development of "interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry" -- improving the position of plastic processing industry in the global value chain, improving the service capacity of intelligent manufacturing industry, increasing the demonstration and promotion of intelligent transformation of enterprises, trying to reconstruct the new pattern of Zhenjiang manufacturing, and realizing that intelligent manufacturing enables Zhenjiang's industrial economy

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