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Lance helps Taizhou Telecom build Taizhou intelligent transportation

recently, insiders pointed out that the intelligent public transportation system supplied by lance communication company for Taizhou Telecom has been successfully applied to Taizhou public transportation company, helping Taizhou Telecom build Taizhou intelligent transportation. Taizhou Public Transport Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Taizhou Branch have signed a cooperation framework agreement to jointly build urban intelligent transportation

public transport was listed as the first of the ten urban practical projects to improve people's livelihood in Taizhou in 2010. Taizhou Branch innovatively builds an intelligent public transportation system platform serving the government and the people, and comprehensively applies 3G, GIS electronic ③ rubber spring three-way stiffness map, GPS global positioning, IOT and other technologies to the intelligent public transportation system platform

the 3G intelligent bus terminal supplied by our company has a series of functions, such as SD card video recording, 4-way real-time video uploading, automatic voice station announcement, door opening and closing detection and alarm, regional speed limit, zebra crossing reminder, automatic announcement of service terms, TTS dispatching information voice announcement, remote update of line station announcement information terminal program, real-time display of scrolling screen LED in the front and waist tags and tail tags. Our 3G intelligent bus terminal, which integrates video, video upload, GPS positioning and intelligent bus, is the most integrated in the current market, and its performance is widely used in all walks of life! So how do users purchase a tensile testing machine suitable for themselves? Next, StarTech and everyone will analyze and choose the most stable product with the basic knowledge of tensile testing machine. After the completion of the intelligent transportation, the safe public transportation, information public transportation, efficient public transportation, convenient public transportation and other functions will be achieved, such as real-time scheduling, positioning monitoring, scheduling management, anti-theft alarm, operation analysis and public information services

it is expected that all buses and bus stops in Taizhou will be intelligent this year. Taizhou will become the first city in the province to be integrated by Chinatelecom with the largest number of intelligent subsystems. Lanstone will also contribute to the intelligent construction of Taizhou with the technology and product information company of sensors and tension machines in China

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