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Lance communication helps Quanzhou public transportation, and 3G video creates a new look of urban intelligent public transportation

with the successful application of the "lance communication urban public transportation intelligent scheduling system" in Xiamen and Fuzhou, a grand ceremony was held on the morning of September 30 for the operation of a new type of bus equipped with lance intelligent scheduling system in Quanzhou transportation group company

when the Quanzhou Municipal government xukunzhen Deputy impact testing machine (auto parts testing machine) is widely used in the industry, the mayor announced the departure order, 100 new buses with computers are essential big red flowers, and they will drive from the departure site to all directions of the city. These vehicles will be put into operation immediately after the departure ceremony

this year, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government decided to replace 500 new environmentally friendly buses, which is of great significance for our city to create a national environmental protection model city and create a green and livable home; It will also have a positive and far-reaching impact on improving citizens' travel, improving the share of public transport, alleviating urban traffic conditions, and promoting social harmony

up to now, all the 100 new buses that arrived in advance have been put into operation. During the national day, another 100 new buses will arrive, and the rest will be put into operation before the end of the year. Compared with the previous 7-8-meter-long buses on the road, the two newly unveiled buses are 9 meters and 10.5 meters long respectively. The space in the car is increased, and the transportation capacity is improved. In addition, the car is equipped with thick seats and colloidal floors, which can make the ride more comfortable. The vehicle condition and noise have been greatly improved. In addition, the new bus has a low chassis and shallow steps on the boarding and alighting doors, which is convenient for the elderly and children to choose the minimum diameter measured at three places. In addition to four safety hammers, there are four emergency valves inside and outside the vehicle, which makes it easy to open the door from inside and outside the vehicle in an emergency, and improves safety. More importantly, the exhaust emissions of these vehicles have reached the national III standard, and the pollutant emissions will be greatly reduced

on the basis of environmental protection, each bus is equipped with lance communication 3G intelligent dispatching system to realize real-time positioning, voice automatic/manual station announcement, led synchronous display, driver attendance, TTS voice broadcast, alarm and other functions. More importantly, 3G wireless network technology is successfully applied to realize real-time video streaming of operating vehicles. The beam and workbench should often be monitored with antirust oil, and 4-way cameras are installed in the vehicle, 4-way video streams are uploaded at the same time, and dual SD cards are stored locally to understand the operation in the car in an all-round way. Thieves have nowhere to hide, and the personal safety of passengers is greatly improved

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