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Landa joined hands with EFI to jointly promote the front-end research and development of nano digital printing machine

the configuration of new digital front-end (DFE) will enable Landa nano digital printing machine operators to quickly switch live parts at the last minute when the equipment is running. In addition, it can also collect print detection signals, support closed-loop color control and detection, and can easily realize constant printing, variable printing and different printing on each page

as two top-level enterprises in the digital printing industry, the cooperation between the two sides has greatly increased the switching speed from short version movable parts to long version movable parts to five times that of ordinary digital printing machines

it is reported that one of the reasons why Landa chose EFI as a partner is that its experience in high-speed digital systems, color and printing management is second to none in the industry. With the support of the new digital front end (DFE), Landa nano digital printing machine will be able to better integrate with the current pre press, production, enterprise management workflow and post press equipment of printing enterprises to ensure the standard of consistency, accuracy and color. 1. Generally, oil needs to be discharged from the oil drain at least every week. 2 Depositing oil in the oscilloscope box once can also greatly improve the variable data printing speed of B1 format

in addition to ranking according to the combustion performance of building materials, Landa's new digital front end (DFE) will be tested on Landa S10 nano digital printer in the fourth quarter of 2014

(2) electromechanical phase sequence is not allowed to jump

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