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LTU: an epoch-making milestone in distribution automation

with the acceleration of power construction and the improvement of power consumption level in China, power distribution is facing a new reform and development. Among them, distribution automation is the inevitable development of power modernization, and the realization of remote monitoring is the development trend. Beijing shuimuyuanhua Electric Co., Ltd. took advantage of the trend and developed an efficient and practical distribution automation solution LTU in advance. Its progressiveness and intelligence made the industry admire, which is of epoch-making significance

ltu distribution automation epoch-making milestone

recently, Beijing shuimuyuanhua Electric Co., Ltd. received good news: the distribution line automation remote terminal (LTU) independently developed by the company's high-end science and technology research team has been successfully applied to the electrical system and played an irreplaceable functional advantage. This is the first in China, which also marks an epoch-making milestone in distribution automation

Beijing shuimuyuanhua Electric Co., Ltd. has won the benefits. According to senior experts, the goal of intelligent distribution is to achieve rapid detection and isolation of distribution faults, achieve real-time data collection, and achieve observable and controllable distribution. At present, the main thing is to pass on the agonfly: the use of carbon fiber has greatly affected the design of polar 1: the cross section of the roof is thin, light and rigid carbon fiber profile. The feeder automation technology solves the problem of rapid fault isolation, and the feeder automation is mainly realized through the intelligent switch with FTU. This way of investment is huge, so it has been in the form of pilot in China, especially in agriculture, which can not be widely used. This has restrained the development of distribution automation to a certain extent

can we find intelligent solutions with higher cost performance and break through the development bottleneck of distribution automation after completion? Beijing shuimuyuanhua Electric Co., Ltd., a modern enterprise with strong scientific research strength, finally gave the affirmative answer. At a time when people are increasingly expecting electricity, Beijing shuimuyuanhua Electric Co., Ltd. is once again at the forefront of its peers. They have once again proved the enterprise conscience and society that dare to be the first in the world with practical actions

Lu Qiang, general manager of Beijing shuimuyuanhua Electric Co., Ltd., introduced that LTU can realize three remotes (telemetry, telesignalling and remote regulation) of distribution lines. If combined with the common switches currently used on the line, it can realize four remotes with remote control. LTU can accurately detect the short-circuit fault, grounding fault, power failure, three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, zero sequence voltage, zero sequence current, etc. of the line. The operation status of the whole distribution line including trunk lines and branches can be seen at a glance, which is really impressive

accurate to 1 mm, LTU not only truly realizes the intellectualization of remote monitoring, but also saves a lot of money. In the near future, distribution automation in China will be comprehensively promoted and constructed, but at present, many column switches have been installed on the line. If they are removed and replaced with intelligent switches with FTU, it will be a huge waste. If an LTU is installed next to the original ordinary switch (the cost is one quarter of FTU), remote control can be realized, and the data collected is more complete than the data collected by domestic FTU at present. In this way, the price of LTU plus ordinary switch is half that of smart switch with FTU. Therefore, feeder automation can be fully realized with little investment in agricultural lines

according to the analysis of insiders, the birth of LTU is an effective supplement to the current distribution automation, which will greatly speed up the construction of distribution automation and save huge amounts of money for the national construction of smart electricity

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