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Landseview S1000 emergency assistance Xi'an "Leishen mountain" hospital

project background

Xi'an public health center is invested by Xi'an municipal government. It is designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the National Central City and with national standards and first-class level, aiming to fully ensure the modern public health services of a large city with a population of tens of millions

as an important element of urban functions, an important project to ensure people's livelihood, and an important part of building a sustainable development, covering Xi'an and radiating the public health service system of the whole province, the project will play an important role in effectively improving the urban emergency response capacity, preventing diseases, prolonging life, promoting physical and mental health, etc

project requirements

in the face of the covid-19 epidemic, the preparatory work leading group of Xi'an public health center coordinated the resources of all parties to complete the delivery of the first phase of the project of Xi'an public health center in 8 days, providing 500 emergency beds

in order to deal with a large number of patient consultations that may exist during the epidemic prevention period, the leading group put forward the following requirements for the system of the public health center:

complete the new materials of the system within 3 days: the problems of structural surplus and lack of core technology need to be solved, deployed, accepted and delivered, and put into use as soon as possible

the health center has a total of 9 medical areas, and all wards, nurse stations and pharmacies in the area need to realize unified network communication

the carrier level of the equipment is stable, supporting at least 200 concurrent calls, and ensuring the smooth internal and external communication of the center

scheme deployment

after learning about the needs of Xi'an public health center, Landsea quickly formulated and submitted the scheme with the new S1000 series IPPBX as the core, and made relevant preparations, so that the scheme can be deployed as soon as possible and delivered through acceptance

core machine room

deploy 2 sets of Landsat kilolevel IPPBX (s1000-ls) to implement dual machine hot standby

in terms of external lines, two Landsat digital relay switches -te200 are deployed, four 30b+d relays are connected, and the s1000-ls system is connected through the network

each district deploys Landsat analog internal spoken voice off-ta3200, which is registered to IPPBX through the network

lay lines to various nurse stations, wards and other work areas, deploy analog phones, connect them to the line, and connect them to the voice switch to become an IPPBX extension

program value

rapid deployment of the shortest construction period

support the automatic configuration of Landsat analog voice off and market mainstream brand IP phones that need comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation, and complete the registration of large quantities of extensions in a short time

for example: wedge clamp

for stations equipped with network ports, there is no need to deploy additional lines, and IP phones can be used directly

stable operation guarantee communication

support dual machine hot standby, adopt the active and standby mechanism, heartbeat detection, smooth switching, and realize unattended and abnormal alarm

the device is equipped with a high-performance processor, supports up to 300 concurrent calls, and is equipped with dual power supplies, dual hard disk RAID disk array and other emergency backup functions

rapid response to patient calls

support automatic operators, can customize the upload navigation voice, and flexibly set the key destination to help patients find the corresponding department in the shortest time

provide queue function to help hospitals set up small customer service centers to quickly respond to patient problems

the built-in call recording function can accurately record patient call information, and support recording playback, download and other operations

smooth communication within the center

special soft linkus is provided, and medical staff can dial or answer colleagues' extensions even when they leave the station

in case of emergency, broadcast or intercom can be initiated through the phone, and the situation can be fed back at the first time

it supports the conference function, and you can use the phone or linkus to initiate a conference at any time to avoid virus aggregation and infection caused by the conference

in line with the concept of long-term planning

the Landsat s1000-ls does not need to add additional cutting-edge hardware. New materials are an incubator that leads the development direction of new material technology and promotes emerging industries. It can be expanded to up to 1000 extension users at any time to meet the expansion needs of the normal operation of the center after the epidemic

Landsea IPPBX provides API interfaces to support the docking of emergency command, call center, information management and other third-party systems to achieve the seamless integration of functions and business processes

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