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Motoro is planning to build a graphene raw material production line with an annual output of 100 tons, and pull the layoffs of motoro Mobile: the labor union is accused of being in vain

composite materials with improved performance can be used to manufacture aircraft parts with higher strength and lighter weight

photographed in front of motoro Mobile China in Wangjing District, Beijing on the 17th. Photo Author: guoyujing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 22 special telegram recently, the layoffs of Motorola Mobile China caused employee protests. In addition to disputes over compensation negotiation, Motorola Mobile China's attitude towards laid-off employees and the virtual existence of the labor union were also criticized by employees

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Motorola Mobile said that all the procedures of layoffs of Motorola mobile comply with the law, and with the participation of the labor union, the finance department, the human resources department, etc., it has won higher compensation for employees than the law. Experts said that when the downward pressure on the economy increases, global layoffs continue, and labor and capital should understand each other and tide over the difficulties together

you didn't discuss the layoff, which led the employees to protest.

because of dissatisfaction with the layoff, some employees of Motorola mobile went to the building of Motorola Mobile China in Wangjing area of Beijing on the 17th, and pulled up banners to protest, hoping to have an equal dialogue with the company on the layoff. This matter immediately attracted public attention after it was reported on Weibo on the 17th, and many people were also worried about their work

According to the interview on China Affairs, Motorola Mobile has sent emails to the laid-off employees, updated the compensation standards for annual leave, provident fund and so on, and most employees have signed resignation agreements

the collective rights protection actions of employees protesting in front of Motorola mobile building on the 17th are very rare in foreign enterprises. In addition, the laid-off employees also set up a group, which was discussed by 300 or 400 employees from Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and other places

according to the spokesman of the protest, they hope to be treated reasonably in layoffs. Before the protest on the 17th, the company gave the resignation agreement without any negotiation with the employees, and required the employees to sign it within one day. HR is threatening to send the agreement without signing it every day, and many employees signed it under this threat

the spokesman said that before the 20th, the company's agreement had only N + 2 compensation, n is the length of service, 2 is the salary of two months, and some employees have shares awarded by the company. However, she said that after Motorola split the paper industry in 2018 in 2010 due to the continuous tightening of environmental protection and the limited supply of raw materials, the employees re signed the contract, so the largest employee in N was only 2.5, while other aspects such as the supplementary housing provident fund and the employees' unused annual leave were not compensated

for the doubts of employees, Si Xuanjun, the public relations manager of Motorola mobile, said that the layoffs were completely legal, and the employees were not forced to sign. The layoffs of the company were also recorded in the labor department. Motorola Mobile's official statement on this protest is: we understand that these changes are very difficult for the employees affected by them, and provide these former employees with compensation standards higher than those required by laws and regulations. Motorola will make every effort to help these employees survive this difficult period, and provide them with corresponding layoff compensation and reemployment services to help them find new jobs

in terms of compensation, Si Xuanjun responded that the company had given employees relevant compensation for the number of years of work at the time of the split. As for the supplementary housing provident fund, it is about 10% of the additional housing provident fund issued by the company in addition to the legal housing provident fund, which can be received only after the employee has worked for three years according to the contract; As for the annual leave not taken, employees can take it within one month after signing the contract

however, on August 20, after the employees protested, Motorola mobile communicated the latest compensation standard with the employees by email. The supplementary housing provident fund will be paid in a lump sum, and the compensation will be paid according to the standard of 300% for the employees' unfinished legal annual leave; In addition, if the annual performance of the company is all up to standard, the laid-off employees will still enjoy relevant performance bonuses. All employees who leave the company by agreement nationwide will enjoy the same compensation treatment

a representative participating in the protest said that although the company increased by 6.8% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 430million yuan, and a new compensation agreement was given. However, 40 or 50 people were still seeking negotiation with the company in the conference room on the morning of the 21st, but later, many people chose to leave by agreement

Qiu Baochang, head of the lawyers' group of the China Consumer Association, said that enterprises can carry out economic layoffs due to the decline in efficiency. Enterprises should file layoff plans with the local labor department and compensate them according to the contract and legal provisions

in terms of compensation, Qiu Baochang said that the layoff of the company is a breach of contract, and compensation should be given according to the working years. Generally, in order to appease the employees' emotions, the compensation should be higher than that stipulated by the law, and the minimum standard stipulated by the law is to compensate one month's salary for each year's working years

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