The hottest Moscow new subway station adopts paint

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Moscow new subway station adopts painted glass, full of artistic flavor

at the meeting held by the science and Technology Council of the Moscow Ministry of construction, German experts proposed to use a special kind of painted glass in the interior decoration of Moscow new subway station

at this press conference, experts said that glass has surpassed traditional decorative materials in some cases, both from the perspective of scientific and technological content and aesthetics

the materials department added: "German experts' research results show that under the action of modern technology, glass can fully meet people's safety needs, such as fire prevention and impact resistance, even better than traditional materials."

moreover, the pattern and color of glass windows should be rich, and the power supply should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices, After thousands of changes, the film is immediately molded on the back, which is incomparable with traditional materials

the colorful glass patterns all come from the development of glass technology, such as sand blasting technology, zinc painted glass, classical painted glass, silk printing, laminated glass, glass painting, number 2 carbon oxide emissions need to be reduced from 130 grams per kilometer to 95 grams per kilometer, internal code printing, hot bending, photovoltaic and melting

The press conference also emphasized that the success of these technologies lies in showing these modern facilities from a very unique perspective. Members of the science and Technology Council hope that German experts can take two sites as examples to submit scientific and economic statistics at the next meeting, so that the Council can visually see the effect of glass painting

Another hot spot of the conference is how to reduce the cost of underground buildings more effectively. Zhonghua glass () Department

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