The hottest Motorola folding screen phone is ready

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Motorola folding screen is ready: the screen size is 6.2 inches, folding up and down

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said more than once before that they are preparing a variety of folding screens, and the first one to be released will be Motorola. Now it is true

at present, Motorola Razr foldable has appeared on the Bluetooth special interest group (SIG) certification station, which also indicates that it is about to meet you

from the perspective of configuration parameters, Motorola Razr foldable seems to have two versions, one of which is equipped with the snapdragon 710 processor, and the other may be the latest snapdragon 855 processor. As for the snapdragon 710 processor version, there are two memory versions: 4 + 64GB and 6 + 128GB

on the screen, Motorola Razr is folded up and down, with a 600 on the front after the cover is closed × 800 resolution screen, and when fully expanded, the screen is 6.2 inches, the aspect ratio is 22:9, and the resolution is 2142 × 876 pixels (after folding in half, it is said that the screen has become two 4:3, with a resolution of 800 each × 600 pixels.)

in addition, from the patent figure projet MJP 5600 can replace projet MJP 5500x, this new machine has a rear camera, and at the same time, the back of the body also provides fingerprint identification. When it is transformed into a servo valve, the same structure is more concise and lively. It is also reported that this model will have three colors, and the stock volume is 200000 sets

it is reported that Motorola's folding screen will be exclusively launched by Verizon in the United States, with a price of more than 1500 US dollars, equivalent to 10200 yuan

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