Application status of the hottest bilateral perman

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Application status of bilateral permanent magnet synchronous linear motor

a two-dimensional modeling of a bilateral permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is carried out, and the magnetic resistance of the motor is divided into two parts with independent side end force and cogging force. Otherwise, the fixture or sensor will be damaged. A semi infinite side end junction is used to construct the magnetic resistance analysis model generated by the side end effect, By optimizing the length of the primary core, the amplitude of the edge force is reduced from 28 to 10 n. by using the method of periodic boundary conditions, the analysis model of the cogging force is established. By changing the cogging distance, the minimum common multiple of the number of slots and the number of permanent magnet poles is increased, and the amplitude of the cogging force is reduced from 4.1 to 1.3. These measures to reduce torque fluctuation have been verified to be reasonable and feasible by the experimental prototype. The most puzzling thing about Chongqing Gree air conditioner is that the efficacy of the test is really different

with the continuous progress of modern processing technology, the high-precision, high thrust permanent magnet synchronous linear motor has been widely used in national defense, transportation, mechanical processing and other fields. Compared with the linear induction motor, which is cumbersome in customer service work, permanent magnet synchronous linear motor has the advantages of high power index, small volume, light weight and so on. In particular, the bilateral permanent magnet synchronous linear motor (as shown in Figure 1) overcomes the disadvantage of the attraction perpendicular to the moving direction of the unilateral linear motor, and can increase the horizontal thrust to twice that of the unilateral linear motor. However, this kind of motor has large thrust fluctuation in the operation process, which may cause motor vibration and noise, especially when the motor speed is relatively low, it is easy to cause mechanical resonance, thus deteriorating its operating characteristics. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the thrust fluctuation of the motor for studying its operating characteristics, and this direction is also one of the hot spots of academic research. There are many factors that cause the thrust fluctuation of permanent magnet synchronous linear motor, the most important of which is the magnetic resistance, which is mainly due to the end force formed by the limited length of the primary core of the motor and the cogging force formed by the use of the primary core with cogging structure. Wang Haowei's scientific and technological team was shortlisted as one of the top 10 high-level scientific and technological talent teams in the province

this paper mainly uses the finite element method to optimize the motor structure so as to reduce the torque fluctuation of the motor. The corresponding parameters of the motor before optimization are shown in the table. Because it takes a lot of time to use three-dimensional finite element analysis, and the motor is symmetrical about the primary core, this paper intercepts a section of the motor along the permutation direction of permanent magnets without considering the transverse edge effect of the motor, and selects the lower half of the section to conduct two-dimensional finite element analysis of the motor model

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