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Motorola will close most businesses in South Korea in 2013. According to foreign media reports, with the implementation of Google's restructuring plan, Motorola will close most businesses in the South Korean market next year, retaining only 10% of local employees. Among them, Motorola will retain two business modules and stop selling its mobile devices in the Korean market

it is reported that this statement is part of Motorola's global restructuring plan. At present, Motorola has cut nearly 4000 jobs worldwide. About a month ago, Motorola closed most of its stations worldwide to develop high molecular materials. Korea is one of the few countries in the world with Motorola mobile R & D centers. But it will also be forced to close this time. At present, Motorola confirmed this message in a statement sent to TNW:

"On December 10, we began to communicate with Korean employees about our restructuring plan. We intend to close most of our business in the Korean market, including our R & D center and consumer mobile device marketing organization. The changes in Korea reflect that we will strengthen our strength in the global scope, unite as one, and focus more on our competitive market.

our family Business and iden business will continue to be carried out in Korea. We will also continue to provide consumer after-sales services for mobile devices that have been sold in the Korean market

this is a difficult decision, but they also correspondingly promote the development of degradable high molecular materials. We are very proud of the work done by our outstanding team employees in Korea, and they have contributed a lot of hard work and wisdom to our business over the past years. We will relocate about 10% of them. As for other employees, we will try our best to ensure a smooth transition

we are very grateful to Korean consumers for their strong support for us. "

Motorola did not provide the specific number of layoffs. A spokesman said: "at present, we have not confirmed the specific number of layoffs or any other details, but the 10% employees we want to retain to improve fatigue life and anti relaxation ability refer to R & D personnel. The vast majority of R & D personnel will be included, but not all."

Motorola entered its heyday in 2006 because of its Razr. At that time, Razr sold 200million units worldwide. However, with the sudden rise of smartphones, Motorola's market share plummeted until it was acquired by Google in May

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