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The mother wanted to commit suicide with pesticides, and her son died after drinking the wrong tonic. Grandma Xie shouted for her daughter-in-law, and the villagers also said that Po was a "devil king" on weekdays. Photographed by Pan Zhuping

Zhejiang on November 27, this is a tragedy of Pingyang: a lazy son repeatedly asked his family for money. In order to achieve his goal, his mother couldn't bear using various tricks such as beating and scolding. A few months ago, the man went out and fell to the ground after drinking a bowl of food at home. Mother surrendered herself

Yesterday, Pingyang procuratorate revealed that they had accepted the case. At the same time, they also received a joint letter from the villagers, hoping to take the mother of the deceased lightly

although it has been several months, the villagers in the place of the crime still sigh when talking about this matter. What kind of tragedy is this

the man rushed out of the door and fell to the ground and died

on June 23 this year, with the crackling sound of the doors and windows, a man stumbled out of the door, and then fell to the ground unconscious

some villagers recognized that it was the famous idle man "a Bao" in the village who fell to the ground. Just when the villagers were puzzled about the cause of death, "a Bao" mother surrendered to the police

"this day has finally arrived." A villager sighed. "In fact, that bowl of food is the pesticide furan Dan that Po his mother used to commit suicide. She has wanted to commit suicide for a long time, but she has been unable to let go of her daughter. Maybe Po asked for money again this time, which made her really unbearable." Bao's grandmother Xie said

grandma Xie said that her daughter-in-law just came back for the Dragon Boat Festival. She heard her daughter-in-law say: at more than 4 o'clock in the morning, Po came back from outside and saw his mother holding a bowl of things. She thought it was his mother who stole the tonic. As a result, she grabbed it and drank it. His mother was afraid and hid upstairs, while Po ran outside his house and died on the road

at present, the Pingyang County procuratorate has accepted and examined the intentional homicide case, and the specific situation is still under further examination

yesterday, in the face of the interview, although it has been several months, the villagers in the place of the crime still sigh when talking about this matter

in everyone's eyes, he is a "demon king"

"our family are all miserable people, especially my eldest son and daughter-in-law, who have been hurt by my grandson." Grandma Xie couldn't stop crying when she talked about the key publicity of the testing machine. It turned out that Po's father was deaf and mute and had never married, while Po's mother wandered and begged to the village and became Po's father's wife after being taken in by their family

after a few years, their son was born. The whole family loved this grandson very much, one by one "baby", and finally the baby's nickname became "a Bao". Unexpectedly, Po, who carried the hope of his family, failed to live up to the whole family

in the eyes of his uncle, a Bao was a "living treasure" when he was a child. He always tried to skip classes. In the first grade of primary school alone, he had been there for five or six years, but he simply didn't go to the second grade of primary school. After that, Po, who had nothing to do, indulged himself even more

"their sensor refers to those parents who have the function of feeling (or responding) and detecting certain 1 positive information of the tested object. Like that, they can't control it at all." Po's uncle said that he had persuaded and scolded, but Po didn't listen at all

a Bao, who is usually lazy, is 35 years old this year and still has no source of income. He regards his parents as "cash machines". Xie apo said that if she didn't agree, she would scold and even fight. Because Po is 1.8 meters tall and weighs nearly 170 Jin, his family can't help him at all. As long as he has some money, he will take it away. The money he wanted was either gambled or drunk, and he still owed a lot of foreign debt. We all see what a Bao has done and have been urging his parents to go out to work and reduce their contact with a Bao. Finally, Po's father went to other provinces, while his mother went around doing odd jobs. Only when the neighbors determined that Po was not at home, could she go home and stay for a few days

the villagers petitioned collectively for a lighter sentence

the villagers said that in order to prevent Po, his parents once stuck the only money on their bodies with adhesive tape, but Po still searched it. Many times, Po deliberately turned off the switch, and then told his mother that there was a power failure in arrears, and then cheated his mother for paying the electricity bill. On one occasion, Po even wore a mask to pretend to be a robber and threatened his mother with a knife to pay money

I couldn't find any money, so Po thought about the equipment at home. "He sold everything that could be sold, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc." Mr. Village Branch Shulin said

after he couldn't find anything to sell in his home, Po came up with his grandmother's idea again. The most valuable thing in his grandmother's family is a refrigerator of more than 1000 yuan. Without saying anything, Po sold the refrigerator in use to the waste collector for 40 yuan. Later, there was no doubt that a neighbor really couldn't stand it and redeemed the refrigerator with 200 yuan

more than one villager heard Po shouting and selling his home. Another neighbor said he saw with his own eyes that Po grabbed his mother's neck. Po's uncle also said that they had no way for Po, and grandma was beaten so that she couldn't raise her hand now

"their mother and son are either PO or his mother." Many villagers sighed in an interview

after learning about the tragedy, everyone spontaneously wrote a petition for Po's mother, pressed her handprint and handed it to the police handling the case, hoping to tell the handler what they knew and help Lin reduce the punishment

"there are more than 300 households in the village. As long as they are at home, they have signed." Mr. Village Branch Shulin said

in the petition submitted by the villagers, it was emphasized that a Bao's mother had always been honest and friendly with her neighbors, but his son, a Bao, had nothing to do all day. As long as he had no money, he would reach out to his parents and grandmother for it. If the family did not agree to give it, he would make a scene and beat and scold the elders, and even threatened to strangle his mother. The villagers are very dissatisfied with Bao's daily behavior. At the same time, they are deeply sympathetic to Bao's mother's experience, and hope that the case handling authority can give a light sentence to Bao's mother

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